Radiant Unicorn

160710 Radiant Unicorn 01

I mix'n'matched my pink/blue Lenivka outfits for this look on Meringue. I'm actually really liking this all lacey look on her. The old set had light blue tulle n the top and it somehow looked a bit off. Although that colour was perfect for her! In these photos the bright light washes the blue out a bit, so it looks nice here though.

160710 Radiant Unicorn 02

Meringue also continues on being a fairy-unicorn now :D

160710 Radiant Unicorn 03

I laso thought I'd have no use for this headdress, but it looks adorable ~♥


  1. Vastaukset
    1. Thanks! ^-^ All (well, at least 99%) Bygg/Beylas are very cute though, it's in their sculpt, so it doesn't take much :D

  2. Wow, just beautiful! I love the light and the mood of your pictures. Meringue is just too cute. ^^

    1. Thank you! ^-^ I've grown quite fond of Meringue with backlit photography :D


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