Two Bears

Two Bears 01

Last week, I got two more of my recent purchases home and this time it was two outfits, meant for Ford and Hani. Both seem like an excellent match for their intended dolls ^-^ Happy~! I also tried out my Meike extensions (I also tried out the 10mm on free hand, you can see those few photos in my photography blog).

160717 Hani Bear 01

The Meike tube set was an excellent find for the price. It seems solid in construct and snaps easily into place. No more worrying about ruining my camera! This was taken with the 10mm zoomed in all the way with my kit lense.

160717 Hani Bear 02

And this with the 10mm, zoomed wide as possible. This is the widest shot I could manage with the extension. So it definitely is for close-ups :D

160717 Fordy Bear 01

160717 Fordy Bear 02

Fondant with the 10mm tube.

160717 Hani Bear 05

And this is with the 16mm. Might be better for taking photos of Latis or Azones or other smaller dolls like that.

160717 Fordy Bear 04

Fondant with 16mm. Btw, I was slightly worried that Hani and Ford might look too alike with Hani's new face-up. But no worries, they look different enough for me ^-^

And these are some details from Hani's outfit:

160717 Hani Bear 03

160717 Hani Bear 04

The set consisted of a onepiece dress, socks and a headband with small bear ears. I don't think the headband will get much use, since I prefer the look on this larger headdress. The set has lovely little details, but still looks lovely and simple.

And then for Ford's outfit:

160717 Fordy Bear 03

It definitely has a busier feel to it. Maybe a bit too much so. I didn't think I'd ever say so, but there might actually be too much lace XD Although I am to blame as well, I need to cut back on some of the ribbons I've put on her, to make the look simpler.

160717 Hani outfit

Hani's full outfit. I'm really loving this and I think she'll stay in this for a while.

160717 Fondant outfit

And as for Fondant's full outfit, you can see it is a bit too much all over the place. Maybe I need to do her hair a bit differently...

Two Bears 02

That's all for now! ^-^ Still waiting for shipping notices for the rest of my stuff.


  1. Both of them looks so adorable!! I saw that bear dress on Etsy and was debating about buying it but I ended up using the money for something else...

    1. thank you ! ^-^ I loved this blue dress from first sight for its simple cuteness. I think Hani might be switching over to bears from being a dove XD

  2. they both look super cute, but I'm totally in love with Hani's outfit, so gorgeous!!!

    1. Yeah, out of the two, I do prefer Hani too ^-^ Fordy is still kinda searching for the right thing for her.


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