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My Korean cosmetics arrived this Friday ^-^ I ordered through and the process was quite easy. I was quite pleased with their no-shipping-fee policy, even for small orders, so I can easily order more sheet-masks and such without thinking of making huge orders every time. This order was not a small one though XD I got:
- Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence
- Missha Creamy Latte Strawberry Cleasing Foam
- Etude House CC-Cream
- Etude House Pearl sheet mask
- Tonymoly Pocket Bunny mist
- eyebrow pencil (no other photos of this one, I've tried it once and it looks to be working fine, although even this lightest shade of brown is a bit dark for me, especially with my blond hair)
- I also got some free Innisfree Green Tea serum samples, that are not pictured (I've tried them for a few times now and the serum feels and smells very refreshing, I might order some more later)

If any of you want to try it out, you can use this link to get a 15% discount on your first order :) For transparency, I'll be getting reward points as well, but it didn't affect my opinion on this shop or products.

I don't yet have true grasp of what exactly these essences are. It seems like an inbetween of a tonic and a serum ampulle? And it is used pretty much as such, after applying tonic and before serum and moisturizer.

I bought this Missha product on a recommendation in an article about the Korean skincare routine. It is a laaarge and hefty bottle! I like the mistly glass look although this is the most adult-looking beauty care product I now own XD As for results or feel, I can't really tell yet. It seems like a just another layer of toner, but if it has some skin-improving effects, they need more time to show themselves than two days.

Edit. I don't know for sure if it is this essence or the serum, but my pores on my cheekbones that were quite visible last week, are significantly less prominent now. My skin looks a lot smoother, although there are still reddish blemishes on my cheeks.

I bought the cleansing foam to really wash away all the remains of make-up and make-up cleansers. Especially since I now use a cleansing oil to remove make-up, and it leaves a residue, I needed to product to cleanse that. This Missha foam was bought for the title. And it was a trap! Trap I say!

This was the worst thing I bought. When I first squeezed some of that pearly pinkish gel-foam (it foams really well when applied onto wet skin though, I have to give it that), it did smell like strawberry milk, and I smiled. But once I started to rub it onto my face, the smell turned very quickly into something... rotten. It smells like something fermented (which might actually very well be the case, since I read that fermented stuff is the hot stuff in Korean cosmetics currently) and that smell lingers! Besides the smell, after rinsing this product left my skin feeling very tight, almost like a mask, and the skin felt almost plasticky. I'm going to switch to something else asap.

Ok, this was bought just because of pure cuteness :D This mist is sort of a diluted toner, but can be used to spray onto the face along the day to keep it refreshed. I'm loving it, although I have no idea if it will have actual benefits or not. It smells like sprinkled face powder, very subtle but refreshing and delightful. I love Tonymoly's packages, I was so bummed that most of their Panda creams were sold out :( But I will definitely keep an eye on their new releases, I need cute stuff like this!

Edit. After a couple of days of using, I'm still loving this one. We have a heatwave in here atm and since I go out every coffee and lunch break to catch some Pokémons my face feels very sweaty once I return to the office. A spritz of this mist and I feel refreshed. I still don't know if it actually has any beauty enhancing effects though, but just for the refreshment it is great, and doesn't smear my make-up at all, not even my non-waterproof mascara.

Then onto Etude House! There was vast variety of different sheet masks and quite honestly I was very overwhelmed on what to get. I'm such  a n00b when it comes to stuff like this, I had no idea which skin problem to address and what cure to get. So I went with Pearl just because it sounded sweet. Can't really see if it truly gave me a brighter complexion yet, since I only used it tonight. :P

I've used one sheet mask before, I rejuvinating one I bought from a local market. That one was soaked in moisturizer and although I thought I was careful not to set it close to my eyes, my one eye started to feel tingly after a few minutes, so I had to wash it off sooner than expected. This EH Pearl's moisturizer seemed to be more of a gel-like consistency and felt much lighter on my face than the other one. Also, no reaction from my eyes although the holes were much smaller in this sheet.

Then I wanted to try some CC-creams and chose Etude House's Silky cream. So far I'm loving it! The cream itself is white with a hint of pearly grey and when I first applied it, it looked like I had put on some baby cream, my face became so pale! :D But it quickly absorbed and gave my skin a more even complexion and a nice silky matt finish. So far it has withstood hours of walking at a Pokénight, but weäll see how it holds up during a full day of work. I have great hopes for it though.

I don't usually wear a lot of make-up to work (or anyway), but I always use mascara and lush and then sometimes eyeliner. I'd like if the CC-cream would make me look better without looking like I'm actually wearing any more makeup than before.

Edit. After a few days I can say that the cream holds up very well during a whole day of work with added walking in the park in sunshine and heat.

I was constantly getting confused by these two, btw. The design looks so similar, I was thinking they were both from Missha or both from Etude House. Either way, they both look really adorable, especially comparing to my local market products (mostly from L'Oréal).

Then for something else: hair!

This is what colour my hair sorta looked like this morning. It was bleached into a really light grey, almost white at places, but streaked with slategrey at the bottom to get rid of yellow tones. I liked it, but at times after shower it started to look almost like minty. And I wanted to give pastels a go. Pink, although very cute, would be a bit too radical for me, so I wanted to try out peach.

Kuva, jonka Fyrd (@fyrd8th) julkaisi

I found these Fudge colour conditioners at -50% and bought a few tubes to test them out. I also got a hair treatment, for additional moisturising and to work as a base for my colour combo.

Here're my mixings. The sales person warned me not to mix the gold and pink 50-50, so I put in less pink than gold. Since I wanted a washed out peach colour, I put in a lot of the base (which sadly was beige coloured, so it didn't really show off the true colour of my mixture). After the initial mix I felt like ti was turning out too peachy after all, so I added some more pink until the colour looked better. Then I noticed that I might have made too little, so I added equal parts everything XD

I have to say, the cream smelled delicious! The base cream smelled like sweet nut paste and I think that the Fudge colours added a toffee scent to it. I know that my Fudge Clean Blonde purple shampoo smelles like strawberry fudge, so I wouldn't be surprised. And even hours after washing, my hair still has that sweet smell. ^-^

I left it on towel dry hair for about 30mins and I could instantly see that the colour was now much warmer. Valentine however claims that there is no difference, expect "for that small orange bit at the front, it lookes like teenager-pink that has washed out". Yeah, never ask Valentine anything about hair colours! Although, the colour is really, really light, especially in sunlight. I was a bit too hesitant this first time around, but hey, it will be easy to make it more saturated the next time. That's the ease of these semi-permanent colours :3 But here it is (although with added peachy filter, although this is pretty much how it looks like with less direct light):

I'm also wondering if I should just dip the ends in diluted pink, so that in best-case scenario it would look like a gradient from peach to pink? I dunno, but I have plenty of colour left to experiment with :D In the end, I mgiht just end up with bright-golden hair, if I'm left with a half-bottle of Gold Finger that needs to be used up! XD


  1. Ohh so many goodies!! HEre I can't get big packages of cosmetics or customs will held them for sure and make me get a certificate from the ehalth department to take them out which is not cheap XD! SO I buy small cheap stuff that lowers the chances of that happening :)
    Tony moly has always the cutest packages!! I want that diluted toner :D! at the moment I'm using a lush one that I really like, but the bottle is so ugly XD
    I bought some sheet face masks too, from innisfree and another brand I can't remember x.x.... I'll let you know what i think of them once they arrive and I try them~
    There's quite a lot of nice youtube channels about korean products if you want reviews or to see what to get specifically for what

    Also your hair looks so nice!! I had it pink once and loved it, but I don't think I would bleach my hair that much ever again.
    Also if you go back to grey/silver/blonde/white colors in your hair you should considering washing it with purple shampoo once in a while, since it removes the yellowy, brassiness that the hair starts to get

    1. If cosmetics-love offer free shipping to Chile, you could order one thing at a time :D But yeah, your postal system seems really strict... But I hope to hear of your experiments! And yeah, I have to do some research on sheet masks so that I can get the right one for me :3

      Currently I wash (or did before this peach colour) my hair with purple shampoo in every wash. I also used a Pearl (purple with hints of pink) colour mask about weekly to keep it grey-toned. I also have a Pearl colour shampoo which I'll be using with the pastel hair, especially if I decide to get some pink into it.

  2. I'm a fan of Korean cosmetics as well! I really like Missha's BB cream, it's what I'm using for my everyday look. Korean cosmetics always have cute packaging... That's partly why I really like it so much.

    1. Yey for more fans! ^-^ I'm definitely getting why people go for them so much. The packaging is so neat (and even the not-so-overly-cute bottles are still better looking that what I've seen locally) and although one could think that almost immature-looking would be of lower quality, I actually feel more confident about their effect than of local products. :D I made another order to replace that foam cleanser and I branched out to A'Pieu and Skinfood for Rilakkuma edition cleanser and peach sake toner respectively. Both of these products looked so super cute and I almost chose that A'Pieu cleanser the first time anyway so I wanted to give it a go now. And I had to hold back so much, since I wanted to just put so many Tonymoly make-ups into my cart XD I'll get that shaker lip tint and liquid blush at another time though!


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