At Sunset at Summertime

160702 At Summer Cottage 17

So, as promised, here are the rest of the summer cottage photos. These were taken later that night, when the sun was lower.

160702 At Summer Cottage 16

It seems it is easier for me to use negative space on outdoor photos. Well, maybe that's part because there is plenty more of decent background :D

160702 At Summer Cottage 15

I was thrilled to find these little blue flowers in the garden. The colour matched the details of her headdress so well :3

160702 At Summer Cottage 13

And I just got a shipping notice of the new dress I bought for Hani ^-^ It has a light blue hem, to continue the blue theme. Milki seems to like black-pink, so I'm thinking Hani could drift to the white-blue theme. Although I also have a turquoise dress incoming which might also go to Hani. Isn't she going to be spoiled? :D ...Well, I'm panning on a new TaoBao order too, and there'll be new things for the other as well.

160702 At Summer Cottage 18

That's all for the summer house photos for now.

Next up is a reply to a meme! Stay tuned ^-^


  1. She looks so comfortable outdoors :D!! And those tiny flowers are so her style!!

    I'm curious as to see what you will be ordering from taobao haha :D

    1. Oh, I'll try to do a compilation of my order to post ^-^ It is a lot of pastels and ruffles :D Most are for Eiko, but some Yo-SD stuff as well. Istill need to get some more skirts for the big girl though, all the kinds I wanted were out of stock =_=

  2. Hani fits the background so well... or is it the other way around! :D The first pic is my favorite, because Hani looks like longing to take flight and if I remember correctly she's (he's?) a little dove. So the pic is not only pretty, it's also very in-character.

    The negative space experiments are working fine and I'm getting a lot of inspiration of it! I don't think I've explored negative space compositions in photography myself.

    1. Yeah she's (he isn't technically wrong either) really lookinh like she's missing her wings :)

      I'd like to see some negative space photos from you! ^-^ The new composition does make you rethink photos and give more inspiration.


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