The Smirk

20160604 The Smirk 02
"Shh... I'll let you in a secret."
While Loki was taking a nap, I took out my camera and extension tubes and started snapping photos of some of my big dolls. There were quite a few, so I'll divide them into few posts, so bear with me while there is this sudden flow of tight close-ups! :D And I'm posting these snaps of Fyrd first, although he wasn't even the first doll I grabbed.

20160604 The Smirk 01
"Hmmm? But are you really worthy of my secret?"

These photos were taken with my 50mm Taku at f2.8 mostly, with 10mm extension tube. With some photos I used a gaussian blurred layer to smooth out his hair better, but otherwise it was mainly minor contrast/ colour corrections.

Do you remember my old site banner? And well, my avatar pretty much all ober the web? It was from a photo of Fyrd, cropped just below the eyes, showing just the grin he has. The original photo was from the time of his old face-up and for a while now I have wanted to retake it with the new face-up. Here it finally is:

20160604 The Smirk 03
"Look into my eyes and I'll tell you..."

There are other changes as well to the previous photo. This time Fyrd is wearing his longer fur wig and a different shirt. But the smirk is the same >:3

20160604 The Smirk 04
"Ping! You are hypnotised! Whahaha!"

Of course, my little Chaos God can look dangerous even with his eyes (or eye) showing.

20160604 The Smirk 05
"Little? Who are you calling 'little'? Where us this little god you speak of?"

But from certain angles he can look rather sweet. The default look of Demetri's sculpt is actually very sweet and he is supposed to be somewhat of an absent-minded aristocrat who is good at heart. Does not resemble Fyrd at all! XD But the sculpt does work out for the smirky grin too, which was good for me.

20160604 The Smirk 06

He looks so adorable in the photo above! A real sweetheart ~♡

20160604 The Smirk 07
"You really thought I could be sweet?"

Yeah, he facepalmed at my endearing thoughts... :D


  1. These pics are sooooo good! I saw the smirk-pic already on Instagram and I have to say, as a person who loves yandere characters (for whatever reason... Dear subconsciousness, what's the deal? :'D) they speak all kinds of moe for me! <3

    Yay for Fyrd, I'm a fan ;)

    1. Thank you! ^_^

      I was just lolling to myself when I started editing these, as it was only a few posts back when I said I wanted to use more negative space in my photography, but then I took a bunch of close-ups! :D What can I say... I just love to get close? ;)


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