Of Light and Dark

Of Light And Dark on Meringue 01

I saw a pretty light shine through our kitchen window so I wanted to take some photos of my more neglected dolls. I snapped a photo of Milki, since I thought the contrast between the grey resin and bright light would be nice. And then as a counterpart, I took out Meringue, a light-coloured doll. ...I ended up snapping more photos of the unicorn princess XD

Of Light And Dark on Meringue 02

Can you blame me though? She's so pretty ^-^

Of Light And Dark on Meringue 03

But what Milki lacks in quantity, she makes up in quality:

Of Light And Dark on Milki 01

I just love, love, love this hot of her. I am so in love with the colours here :3 And the fluffy alpaca wig is just so dreamy looking in this light. Meringue's fiber wig doesn't get close...

I'm thinking of commissioning a soy fiber wig for Meringue, since I am not able to find the perfect shades of alpaca myself. And I am way too scared of dyeing the hair myself! But let's see when that happens...


  1. Lovely shots!! I've always liked this kind of lighting :D

    1. Thanks! ^-^ I love it too ~♡ But I still need practise to make them better!


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