New Face of New Quality

New face new eyes

I posted this in Instagram already, but here is a bigger photo of the face-up I did for Hani. I have been planning on redoing her face for some time now, but finally got around to do it last weekend :P

I'm starting to really master those eye creases! Yey! And I remembered to paint that heart XD

This was also the first face-up I did using my new set of pastels I bought. They are from Kohinoor ans so far they seem very good. Nice amount of pigment and easy to apply. When smoothed over with cotton, they blend nicely withour stark lines like my old pastels tended to do... I've even used a few different shades of pink on the lips, and those things were small! But I managed to apply pastels to just the areas I wanted.

There are so many new ready-mixed colours in that palette though. Like mint! I wish I could use mint in one of my dolls' face-ups, but so far I haven't got a good candidate...

Well, with an upgrade on quality, I also decided to finally raise my prices for my commission slots to 30€. I hope that customers will understand this, I have been one the cheapest face-up artists in the country before this. And I still aren't the most expensive. But we'll see if I have no alienated every customer or not. :D


  1. Those lips <3!!!!! Love the new face up, yout eye creases are on point! And I think the heart looks sharper now? almost like it was stamped on :D

    I think increasing your prices is good, your work is worth it :D

    1. I definitely put more effort into the heart this time, since I knew that otherwise it would look awful in macro close-ups like this. After using extension tubes, I have been more careful of making small details that might end up ruining a close-up! :D


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