Little Evil

20160604 Little Evil 01

Next batch of close-ups: Yuffie! Actually she was the first doll I grabbed for my extension tube experimentings. She still had her winter coat on XD

20160604 Little Evil 02

First I tried to take photos with the kit lense and 16mm tube, but it was a bit too close and the photos didn't really turn out that great. Then I switched on the 10mm tube and the results were a bit better.

20160604 Little Evil 03

Then I switched over to the 50mm Taku, shooting at f2.8 and voilà!

20160604 Little Evil 05

Super creaminess! :3 I think I took this at 2.8, but it might have been 1.4 too... And the extension tube shallows out depth of field even more, so the eye is barely in focus.

20160604 Little Evil 04

I also had to do a lot less colour correcting with the Taku. My kit lense tends to give cold greenish photos, but the Taku needs just a little bit of pink.


  1. Wow, I love the effect your tube experiment! The two photos at the bottom definitely look more artistic. :)

    1. Yeah I love those two better too. Although I know there is also a lot I can learn to do, better equipment also makes a huge difference :D

  2. Love this close ups!!! They are very colorful :D

    1. Both Fyrd and Yuffie are quite colourful in their own way, although yes, Yuf likes even brighter colours, whereas Fyrd wants just red and green.

      Next up are pics of Alex, who is on the other end of the spectrum and goes for earthy tones and blacks :P


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