Getting Close to Alex

160604 Getting Close to Alex 02
"You... are suffocating me."

And here is my last victim of the extension tubes, Alexander! Sorry that the colours are whacky and seem to be different in almost every shot, I just can't get the handle of colour correction on Valentine's laptop...

Anyway! Alex managed to look ok even when I shot with the 16mm extension (and kit lense). But mainly I'll be using this amount of magnification with my Teenies...

160604 Getting Close to Alex 01
"Seriously. Back the f*** off."

160604 Getting Close to Alex 03

The 10mm tube used here works a lot better for the SDs. Nice close portraits. And on that thought, I really should take new pics of all my dolls, so that I can get new profile pictures of them all.

160604 Getting Close to Alex 04

Then I switched over to the 50mm Taku and kept the 10mm tube.
160604 Getting Close to Alex 06

Somehow this photo reminds me of a certain Final Fantasy protagonist with a huge kickass sword and as grumpy attitude as Alex :D Fur wigs can give that nice spiky look. ...And now I want a full-on Cloud cos for Lexy... Damn!

160604 Getting Close to Alex 07

The above shot just because his eyes finally caught some light! Those eyes are such a nice blend from Enchanted Eyes, but they rarely show...

160604 Getting Close to Alex 05

And I wanted to try this same lips shot as with Fyrd.

160604 Getting Close to Alex 08

Oh, and I don't think I've showed how these Soom wings looked like when I blushed them? I gave them orange-to-red blush with black on the tips so they'd show up better against say Lex's as-orange hair. I still need to give the white wings some colour, but I'm hesitant about the right shade... Maybe just some really light blue and black edges? Nothing much, just to give them some definition... What do you think?


  1. Your blushing on those wings is fantastic!!!!! And the photos are very nice!! I don't like Cloud at aoll, but I do like Alex :D!! And his eye face up is so pretty, it looks gorgeous up close!

    1. Yeah Little Monica's default face-ups are so very pretty! ^-^ If they didn't draw everyone to look so sad, I would definitely get the default for any OM doll on my list. But alas, I need just a bit more attitude (or in the case of Roselyn, cheerfulness) so I have to make it on my own. Seeing Alex's face-up irl did give me a major boost on my own face-ups though. I love the blushing and the gentle glitter so I used it as an inspiration on my first heavy-blushed face-ups that gave me the direction of my current style.

  2. His resin looks nice and "glowing" in the shots. Almost like alabaster. Pretty~ <3
    Giggled at the offensive looks Alex gives. X3

    1. Oh and I think the blushed wings look really good. A little darker tone at the edges makes the feathers stand out more and show their texture so it'd look nice I think.

    2. Thanks! The glow is from the sealant LM uses on their faceups. Because of it, Alex's face looks shades whiter than his body, but luckily it doesn't bother me that much.


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