Dollbakery Eyes Arrival ^-^

Lot of brown boxes arrived this week ^-^ (I also got a few second hand loli clothes I ordered through, I may post about them later.) This is the Dollbakery mini group order I did with Velvet. We didn't really need a GO, since DB offered free shipping anyway if one ordered two pairs or more, but it was nice to do the order together anyway. ^-^ So two of these are for Velvet, who may post about them later once I get to hand them over to her. And the other two were for my Cupcake sisters Milki and Hani.

First though I want to share a comparison of the previous DB box I got (for Nigel's Frozen eyes) and the new one. I really liked the 3D effect of the old box on the right, but this new one on the left is quite nice too. It shows off the company logo well. I still think the boxes are very big! Bigger than any other urethane eye box I have. (I do have a few *cough*.)

160618 DB Silver Fox

Hani got Silver Fox eyes that have a dark grey-brown top half and silver bottom half plus some glitter sparkle. These shine very nicely, although for Hani I might have liked a bit more of the dark part showing... Now I have an even greater urge to repaint this doll though. I want to return to the old black-pink face-up and ditch the green I experimented with here.

160618 DB Rose Quartz

Milki got a pair of a new colour Rose Quartz. They are a beautiful pearly pink, maybe just a tad pinker than the Mako pair I had for her for a while. I would have wanted a fully sakura or warm pink eyes for her, but these will do nicely until such eyes are made :D Btw, am I the only one who thinks that Bygg looks a bit like Fairyland Chloe in this photo? It is the strand of hair on her cheek, making it look slimmer, I think.

In these photos I haven't photoshopped the eyes at all. I usually use Dodge-tool in all eyes but I wanted to show the eyes as is for now. DB's eyes catch light so well, that I wouldn't use at all as much Dodge as I usually would. And these photos were taken on a cloudy day, indirect sunlight!

I really want to get more DB eyes for my dolls. Some of them have eyes I can't really replace (ED customs that Eiko and Cotton are wearing and then Rigel's and Hippu's Makos are just perfect for him) or don't want to replace (Ford's Vings eyes and Meringue's Dollflower eyes are the gems of my collection)., but for the rest I want to upgrade them to DB. I just need to decide whether Fyrd would look better in Angelic Green or Melon and maybe just grab every purple pair for Yuffie, since that girl won't be satisfied any other way. XD And even Nuu needs an upgrade. Her dark brown EDs have served well, but I want eyes with a bit more sparkle and glitter for her.


  1. You got some pretty eyes there!!! I love how the look in photos. I wanted to try DB in the past, but I got annoyed in the way the store works so I went for mako instead haha.

    1. Yeah it is a bit sad that the eyes are usually all out of stock and the limited in stock eyes are gone like puff in an instant. But I recommend using subscribing to the newsletter and waiting for the next preorder period. She took a lot of orders in the last one so there should be enough slots even if you won't go through the clicking war :D And even with the massive preorder, the eyes arrived in 2 months from ordering and they are really superb! Very detailed and sparkly. I might prefer Dollflowers to these, but that is only a personal preference on texture.

  2. These are gorgeous eyes, thank you for doing a box opening on them. I've been drooling over them for a while especially the Frozen and Candy Apple eyes.

    1. The Frozens are sooo nice! It is such a nice light blue that will be light even in doll. I have them for Nigel :3


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