Aesthetics of... April-June 2016

160412 Soom Yrie

Yeahh... I have so totally forgotten to update my face-up portfolios! =_= Gomen! I took a small break though in May, since I had entrance exams to go study next fall. But before and after the exams I did manage to do some face-ups. Now my shop is again fully open, if anyone wants to commission me! ^-^

Anyway, first up was an Yrie owned by Fairchildren. I was very thrilled to do this, since her Yrie has been among my favourites of this sculpt. ...And also because I have wanted to paint an Yrie to see if I would really like to own this sculpt myself too. :P And yes, I do! It was sooo nice to paint this doll, I love those lips and with the lid creases the eyes look so nice as well ^-^ This slightly cranky expression is also quite suited for Yrie, she looks to be full of attitude. It would be a welcome change into my crew of jesters and sissies.

160503 Nanuri 07

160503 body 01

160503 manicure

Then there was a face-up + blushing commission for a Nanuri head and mismatched torso+hands, that needed to be blushed to resin match. The pictures are aweful, I don't even know how the colours look so off, but all-in-all it was a nice face-up to do. I have done this same job previously as well, so it was another 'upgrade' work :3

160503 Minifee Breakaway scarred

From the same customer I also got to work on a Breakaway minifee. I now know why this sculpt used to be so hyped½ Breakaway has very lovely features that can be made into a boy or a girl (as it is here). And hey, open mouths always get to me! XD It was close if I hadn't started to hunt down the SD version of this sculpt to be my Fyrd back when I wanted to get him in resin.

160609 Little Monica Ginger brown

And as the cherry on top, I got to paint this lovely tan Ginger for Velvet. The actual head is a bit more red, but I could get the colours just right on my monitor. (I think it looked ok in PS though, but now in Flickr it looks way more orange.) I love LM sculpts, but Ginger has not been among my favourites. But Velvet was smitten with him ever since he was first released. She always said that she'd need him in tan though so I was so happy for her wen LM announced their tan event and she could get her dream doll! And seeing this boy blank made me really appreciate this sculpt more! He has a very nice mouth and nice cheeks. And this tan is so beautiful, OMF! Now I'm really contemplating whether to get myself a tan Sophia to be an SD Alistair. I had almost corssed that girl off my list, but now I really want a tan doll and she's the perfect character for one. And I love Sophia's sculpt ^-^


  1. Ooo what a lovely lot! <3
    Of course for me my Ginger is the favorite one~ <3 You captured what I wanted for the character so well~ I especially love the blushing, the eyebrows and the creases on his eyelids. With this face up my Keisuke is truly ready for his completion in doll form. Although I need the outfot too. Shirts are easy but those overalls... might have to look for someone to commission for them. But for now some dolly-sized jeans will do!

    Oh gosh that Yrie-face up is gorgeous! Makes her look a lot older which I like~ Also the expression is on point!

    I'm not one for Nanuris but I love the face up you did on this head. That eyeshadow looks captivating!

    Breakaway on the other hand is a head I like a lot~ this is definitely the best face up I've seen on a Breakaway too.

    Happy you are open for face ups again can't wait to see what your next commissions will be like. It's like opening Easter-eggs~

    1. Getting commissions is actually quite like that, well said! ^-^ I never know beforehand what exactly the customer is going to want when they inquire about a commission slot. Then I get the order form and start to envison it (if I know what the sculpt looks like beforehand). And the end result might be something even better ;)

  2. I'm just thinking what an MSD sized Breakaway Fyrd would look like... x3 *off-topic*you know what, it'd be awesome if you made a little Nendoroid Fyrd out of different Nendo-parts!*/offtopic*

    1. I'm still wondering what an SD sized Breakaway Fyrd would look like :D I'm trying not to, ever since Fairyland rereleased the sculpt (but with some different name that I don't really want to remember now...)

      And actually I have thought about putting together a Nendo!Fyrd XD There just hasn't come the right bright red hair yet and I'm too intimidated to paint one myself... But yeah, that would be a bit of a grail to complete.

  3. ...and that tan Sophia would be sooooo beautiful! <3

    1. It would ^-^
      I came to see my blog and saw 5 comments on it and I was like O_O Good to know I haven't suddenly become super-popular without knowing it :D (I deleted the double comments :P )

    2. Heh yeah sorry about that... ^^;; I'm forced to post with my phone and for some reason it sometimes sends messages twice even though I only click once on the Publish button...


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