Two Grasslands Fauns

Grassland Fauns 05

Me and Deary took our small dolls outdoors and took advantage of the nice weather we've had here for a while now. And since the days are so much longer now, we stayed out way over 20pm :D

Grassland Fauns 06

These two fauns looked amazingly good together! When thought on separately, they are very dofferent, but when they are put together, they have so many similarities. Both have dreamy eyes, droopy ears and hooves, but also same beige as a complimentary colour on their outfits and same blond mixed into their equally fluffy alpaca wigs.

Grassland Fauns 07

These blossoms that Deary found were a perfect match for the pink stripes in Pamlemousse's hair ^-^

Grassland Fauns 08

Super-edited, but I just loved this dreamy pose they had, lying on the grass.

Grassland Fauns 09

Dreamy fauns ~♥

Grassland Fauns 10

And then some single shots of Lumina.

Grassland Fauns 11

Grassland Fauns 12

Grassland Fauns 03

This last one isn't really a favourite among this whole shoot, but it was sooo hard to pose them both standing at the same time! I had to show some result of our efforts:

Grassland Fauns 02

Now I have an urge to reallt take more advantage of the late sunsets :3 Maybe drag a big doll out some night.

Oh, and more pictures of the third doll we had with us coming up in the next post!


  1. Lovely shots! they look AMAZING together~ and I always say soom dolls look better outside, they belong in the pretty scenery :D

    1. Out of my doll Lumina is definitely the most outdoorsy one. :) The tan Bygg I want to get someday would also be in her element outdoors.
      Some of the rest... not so much XD


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