Sleepy Kitty

Grassland Kitty 01

When Deary and I were out taking photos, we also took her Kitten with us. I wanted to make a separate post, just to appreciate this adorable little anthro ^-^

Grassland Kitty 02

Good morning, Kitten! (Or Good Night, more truthfully...)

Grassland Kitty 04

He stopped to smell the lovely flowers ~♥

Grassland Kitty 03

And went back to sleep? :D

In this last photo, I really wanted to show more negative space than I usually have in my photos. I usually just take close portraits, with very little background showing. However, since I have these lenses which allow for a shallow depth of field, I should take more advantage of them, right? And in this photo, I do love the effect of the different levels of blur of the grass.


  1. I love these photos! Looks like your experimenting with the camera is paying off, these really pop out! Reminds me of the Midsummernight's Dream.

  2. I love all the photos, but especially the last one. It looks so magical!!! The doll is eprfect and also the way you made the photo with all different blurs in the grass, it's truly an excellent photo.

    The contrast between the white skin and the dark green also helps a lot to your work with negative space.

    1. The blurs are just from my lense actually ^-^ I'm still so in love with how the Taku performs!


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