Picnic Meetup

20160523 Picnic Mr Bigglesworth 01

We had a little picnic with our foursome of friends and Alex ended up trying to be Bond villain with Deary's Kitten... Alex was actually being very mean and unco-operative since most of the photos I took of him were blurry beyong saving. But I got plenty of photos of Velvet's Ren to make up for it :D

20160523 Picnic Kisu 01

But first, here is some more of Kisu for ya!

20160523 Picnic Alex 02

And Lexy, who seems to be longing for either his girlfriend, or some ice cream :P It sure would have been a perfect day for ice cream! It was very sunny and warm, the sort of summery weather I'm not really quite used to yet, as it's still May after all. I always put on way too much clothes when I go out the door and then I have to carry my jacket/hoodie around since it is too warm to wear them.

20160523 Picnic Alex 01

20160523 Picnic Ren 02

And now some Ren! It is quite difficult to get a good picture of a grey doll in bright daylight. About all my photos were really overexposed in RAW, but Photoshop saved me again :D It was also needed to tweak the colour levels, since my camera really couldn't cipher that grey skin with orangey blushing...

20160523 Picnic Ren 04

20160523 Picnic Ren 05

20160523 Picnic Ren 06

I know I did the face-up on this fellow but even back then I didn't truly see how cute this sculpt it! But now with proper eyes and wig, I can't help but fall for those plump lips and that cute nose! The eyes still look to be a bit far apart, but it doesn't bother me as much anymore.

20160523 Picnic Ren 03

I mentioned getting the idea for an android nekomimi Teenie. Now I'm thinking that an Asronn (the white version) might be the one to get for it. Sadly, it seems not that many were ordered so it might be very hard to find one second hand. ;__;

And maybe I shouldn't show you guys this, since it reveals just how bad a photographer I actually am, but here is the unedited version of the above photo. And guys, this is why I shoot RAW... Otherwise this photo would have been ruined for all those burned out highlights:

But you're still so cute, Ren! ~♥


  1. Ren is a cutie!! love his lips and cute features~!! And you know me, I'm all up for grey skin XD!

    I have my camera settings to save the raw file and a jpg file at the same time. I feel that the raw takes so much space and I barely do anything with it, most of the time I just go directly to the jpg and edit it in photoshop. Maybe I should give RAW another try haha

    1. I shoot in RAW only, since the extra jpeg takes up space and it is a hassle to separate the two once uploaded to a computer. Since our OSs can show RAW files as a preview, I don't usually even remember that I didn't get a jpeg right out of camera XD And if I transfer a photo to my phone via wifi from the camera, it automatically makes it a jpeg (or some other compressed file), that I can upload directly to Insta. This is actually why from all my recent shoots,,there are Insta pictures first and full edited photos in the blog much later ;)

  2. It was a fun meetup for sure!
    Happy to see Ren in your blog and even more happy that you've come to like this sculpt too. :) I agree about the eyes being a little too far apart but as Ren is supposedly a robot dog gijinka (human form) I don't mind that too much.

    1. Yeah I think the eyes apart is a feature that can become that 'endearing fault' ovf this sculpt, kinda like the nose of Soom Sweet. I adore my Hippu, but that profile... Is not the greatest XD


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