Minimeet! OwO

160512 minimeet 05

We met up with Velvet and Deary today and spent some time out in the spring :3 And knowing us, Teenies were of course present. It was a minimeet, so all the dolls present are in te group shot above.

160512 minimeet 04

160512 minimeet 03

160512 minimeet 02

160512 minimeet 01

You two are too young to drink! :D We were at Koulu (meaning School in English, the bar/restaurant is named that since it is in an old school building) and were drinking some of their self-brewed beverages. I have dry apple cider at the left and on the right is Deary's semisec blackcurrant cider.

And below are some shots of my outfit of the day. These photos were taken by Deary, thank you!

Wearing my trusted Quartet Chocolat salopette over an off-brand mesh shirt. Shoes are from Bodyline, beret from Angelic Pretty (Musee du Chocolat series) and the bow decoration on the beret from Taobao (I think).

We also had a furry little friend at the meet-up, but pics of him are on my photo-blog :)


  1. Love all the Teenies <3 Beautiful outfit as well~

  2. you look very pretty in those colors!!And love all the tinies~

    1. Thank you! ^-^ The choco browns do still look good with my blond hair, can't say the same for pinks... Do I need to get some mint/sax coords together XD

  3. Oli tosi hauskaa, kiitos miitistä! *3* Kiva kun Ossikin sai tulla mukaan!
    Aaa sun coordination oli niin hieno, alkaa taas tehdä mieli kaivaa lolivermeitä kaapista...

    1. Kevät tulee ja lolit puhkeaa taas kukkaan! ^-^ Ehdottomasti jos mennään sinne Elli-kahvilaan niin pitää olla sit röyhelöä yllä ~♡


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