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160507 Helsinki meetup 02

It was a busy weekend, and on Saturday I took a bus to Helsinki to attend a meetup. It was a birthday meet for our forum, but the attendance was quite small. In fact, there were only six of us! But there were some very amazing and interesting dolls to be seen none the less :3 (I took Meringue and Cottoncandy with me, and didn't snap even one photo of them... XD )

Above, is Fairchildren's lovely Pipos petite. I think the default face-up for this doll is quite harshly red/blue, but this greenish earthly-toned face-up looked marvellous ~♥ Actually, I loved the whole look!

BTW, some photos below the cut are NSFW!

160507 Helsinki meetup 01

For such a small meet, there was still a duplicate doll: Minifee Sarang. I didn't even realise at first that they were the same sculpt XD Their face-ups look so different. But I do love that almond-eyed smiley face! If someone can point me to an SD version of this, it'd be pretty much perfect for my planned RD :3

Edit. Actually Bambicrony Chloe comes close! It just is a bit too chubby on the cheeks... Other suggestions?

160507 Helsinki meetup 08

Here are some special resin Withdoll MSDs. The minty one at the front is pretty much the same shade as my yellowed Soom Taco. And Rosy Brown at the back is a very interesting shade of dark grey.

160507 Helsinki meetup 03

Not everyone was a BJD though :D I'm still resisting the call of the Neemos, although that Yuzuha (at the front) is a very, very cute doll. See how I didn't really take a photo of her, so as to not tempt myself too much XD

160507 Helsinki meetup 04

Lollipop wig! I've also cropped mine, since the original curls were impossible to maintain. This MSD was an interesting one, stylewise. She seemed very cute and innocent at a distance, but up close she reveals those cat-eyes and fangs. Gives the doll much more variety.

160507 Helsinki meetup 05

Redheads ~♥ And Oscar eyes!

160507 Helsinki meetup 06

My first time seeing any Freakstyle doll in person and I'm glad it was a Salomé. Not my cup of tea (as I like the googley-eyed stylized cutesey dolls), but an interesting doll to see.

160507 Helsinki meetup 07

Same could be said for this Doll Chateau. Quirky look for a quirky doll and I like where the owner has gone with this.

And just a snapshot of what I bought after the meet, when I had a bit of time to kill at the mall. I finally found a cool pink blush that goes well with my new blond hair. I also bought another Birgitte Bijou necklace, I already spent some 50€ in their store the last time I was in Helsinki. Their stuff is so amazing, I could easily spend twice that much... I have to reel it in though. And yeah, caved for some Starbucks coffee. I usually don't even drink coffee (tea, mostly), but whenever I have a decent excuse to buy an overpriced cup of something-like-coffee-underneath-all-the-sugar, I go for them XD And we don't have a Starbucks downtown at my own city, so...


  1. Been seeing pics of this meetup in blogs and I find all the dolls so nice~ I recognized your dolls immediatly ofc (not in your photos) and Xaya's :D!
    I think smaller meets are cool, because is easier to talk to everybody and photograph all the dolls

    1. It is a lot easier to stay on top of all conversation for sure :) I usually have trouble cutting into a conversation, so at a larger meet it is quite usual for me to just end up sitting and listening to what others talk about. :P

      You sure follow so many Finnish hobbyists! :D If you ever come here, we have to gather a meetup so you can see us all in person :)


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