You liked white, hmm?

White fox

Loki's sick, again, so I was staying home today. As he was taking a nap, I found an opportunity to take some photos. It was quite cloudy outside at the moment, so the lighting was dim. I used one of my spotlights for added lightsource, but it still wasn't ideal. I tested out some automatic photo settings of my Sony camera, but the end result was aweful and grainy. In the end I managed to snap an almost-in-focus shot of Fyrd in aperture priority mode. I should have grabbed my tripod, but I feared the movement would have woken Loki up.

So, I bought this wig second-hand a while ago on a whim. I have no idea what to do with it exactly XD I just love white (milk whites like this one) wigs so I had to grab it while I had an opportunity. It is for no particular doll, but Fyrd seems to enjoy it for now. His ears really pop against the white hair. And hey, he noticed how easily I gave up my old camera for a new white one so maybe he tries to ensure I won't give him up as well ;)


  1. He looks so different!! For a moment there I didn't recognize him haha
    I love milky white wigs too~ like the one Faolan uses
    It suits him too!

    1. He is so-not-him without his signature red hair! :D
      I _do_ intend to have a doll that has a milky white wig as a "default wig", but that is going to be a Teenie. So still not sure what to do with this SD sized one :D


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