Yeah the title pretty much sums it up XD I got my new camera!

Although I've been a bit too busy to actually do anything much with it and will continue to be busy so I don't know how often I'll be able to update this blog :( I'm trying to finish up all my current commissions asap so I can concentrate on my upcoming tests and Valentine and Loki being alternatingly sick is putting pressure on me  (and *cough* Sid Story that is taking way too much of my time...). I'll be putting up an April aesthetics post for sure and I will do my best to try and take photos of my dolls with my new Sony! It should be a bit easier than with my old camera, with the wireless sharing capabilities.

Aaand right after complaining how I have so little time, I opened a new blog XD It is called Me and My White Sony a6000 and it is supposed to fully concentrate on my camera, photography and camera accessories. So it'll be all kinds of photos, not just dolls.


  1. Yay congrats!!! I miss your posts so much so I hope you have more free time in the near future! Your new camera is very nice!
    Hope Valentine and Loki get better soon!

    1. Aw your words really inspire me to blog more frequently! ^-^ Perhaps I'll try to do even small posts, but more often.


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