The Grin of All Grins

The Joker 01

My Nendoroid Joker arrived finally! I had been anxiously waiting for the release and then I was more or less impatiently waiting for the post to deliver him to me. I had chosen airmail, but it took a a few days longer than usual. But I got him last week :3 And then I had to wait for my Pentacon to arrive until I got any decent photos of him, being such a small little rascal...

We also happened to get an issue of Episodi-magazine, which featured an article of the new Batman V Superman movie on the cover. So I wanted to take a pic of Mr.J all aloof in front of it, like "yeah the movie's gonna suck because I'm not in it" XD

Hello From Joker 01
Mr.J is such a charmer :3 Yes, I know he won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I looove him!

Hello From Joker 02

Hello From Joker 03

But I still have to beware, he can be dangerous!

Hello From Joker 04

Put that knife away, Joker!

Hello From Joker 05


And as a last laugh:

Sad Joker
Bwaaaa! Batman beat me agaaaain!

I just couldn't help but try out my other Nendo spare parts on him XD


  1. This is a weird combination lol Nendos are cute,a nd this enndo in particular IS cute but at the same time not XD not sure what to think of it, other than I think they did great on portraying the joker's features but in the nendo style

    1. Yeah I think they did an awesome job mixing up cartoon Joker with the Ledger-DarkKnight-Joker! And the joints are amazing on this thing, much more complex than on any other Nendo I have. The elbows and knees rotate well to allow many poses. I think the creases of the clothes allow for more jointing options without them being too prominently visible.

  2. Glad he finally found his way home to you1 :) Haha, that last pic! XD Now I'm really regretting that I didn' buy Nendo Batman, we could have taken awesome photos with the two. I'll see if can find him from eBay or something. Or maybe they'd make a rerelease of him :3


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