Snow Angel

alone in the snow 02

I have all sorts of angels now apparently. :D Well, angelic beings don't feel cold, I hope, or else Alex will have blue fingers...

These are the remaining photos I took when I was comparing lenses.

alone in the snow 01

When I to Alex and my camera bag out with me, I circled around the back of our building, trying to find a suitable sot for the photos. I needed someplace that was open enough for me to position the tripod freely and still had some sort of background to show the bokeh effects.

I arrived at the same place I took some of the first bokeh shots with the Helios. It was a small road that doesn't really lead anywhere. But on one side started a steepish incline that I ventured to climb on a whim. I managed to climb with a doll on one hand and the tripod on other, but I needed to be sure of my footing :D After reaching the top I felt so accomplished, like I had climbed a bigger mountain rather than a small hill, if even that.

...Until I noticed that there was a small barbecue pit and an outdoor table set there at the top. Meaning that it was a resting spot meant for the residents of the neighboring building. And that meant that there was a much easier small path to the top, right on the other side of the hill. XD I took that route back down when I was done with the photos.

alone in the snow 03

Oh, Alex, he just looks so good'! Even if he does seem pissed off or just miserable. He certainly stands out in my crowd of smiles or grins.

Btw, Litte Monica had their first tan event and I was sooo tempted to get one of their dolls in tan. I just don't have any doll pans for their doll in that colour >_< Perhaps Mycroft has an addiction to solariums?

alone in the snow 04
Can we get back inside already?!

Well now the snow has mostly melted anyway. So just waiting for nice spring pictures then!

...And I might have just caved and bought a Pentacon 29mm f2.8 as a wide prime :D I was first eyeing Super-Takumar 35mm f3.5 lenses, but in the end I wanted something shorter and brighter. And this one was cheap enough. Let's see how it performs once it is here :3


  1. You got another lens! cool ~ I wanna see :D!!!

    I love these, His hair looks so nice against the snow, is almost yellow :D!! on that note, I caved in and bought a yellow wig the other day XD I ordered a lilac one from FMD for my Junia and I photoshoped a stock photo of her trying colors and yellow looked nice as well, and ofc it all started because of your photos lmao
    I don't have snow though but I plan to use that wig someday too D:! :D

    Winged Alex is one of my fav winged doll of yours~ they suit him perfectly and I don't think he looks miserable, more like he is thinking something deep

    1. Yey for trying out new wig colours! ^-^ I'm not really a fan of yellow myself, but for Yuffie it just works so well, I couldn't have anything else for her. And Alex just needs his toffee hair. If I didn't have these particular dolls that demand a specific different hair color, all my dolls would end up platinum blonde XD And that would just be boring!

  2. I love your outdoor pictures! :) (also, giggling at the thought of turning the whole of your doll crew into angels xD I don't know why it's so funny, but it's also adorable!)

    These lens-comparisons are really interesting. I've mostly used my cellphone for photography lately so I feel like all the different lenses and stuff seem so pro... I really need a new lens with more light gathering power for my DSLR but I lack the energy to get into lenses to find out what kind would suit my needs best... So respect for you for getting into the lenses!

    Haha, I love that last pic of Alex. XD He seems so miffed about it all, cute! xD <3

    1. It would be funny since when I started out in this hobby, I was all "oh everyone has vampire, demon and angel dolls, I'll never be like that!" and then I would end up with a horde of demons (which my Teenies seem to end up to be) and angels... :P And I'm also planning that one tan vampire XD


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