Carousel Horse (also, new prime)

Carousel Horse 01

So I picked up my newest prime from the post office on Friday and tested it today on my new Nendo that also arrived last week (another post about that later) and on Meringue. The prime is Pentacon 2.8/29mm and this time I don't really know that much about it :D I was almost going to get Super-Takumar 3.5/35mm, but then I started browsing through different M42 mounted wide angle primes and came across this Pentacon lense which was cheap and on a quick search seemed like a good quality when it came to sharpness. I just have to mention that browsing with the Ebay Android App is sooo freaking easy, my wallet is scared! I can search with the mount and lenght I wanted and it gave me an option to narrow down to max aperture I wanted :D So I saw plenty of interesting choices, but perhaps luckily most of them were a bit over my price point in this case.

Carousel Horse 02

You might also notice that Meringue now has a different pair of eyes on her. These are my Dollflower Ambers than used to belong to Milki. I had been thinking over and over what kind of eyes I would really want for Meringue and I've always gone back to goldens. I still had my reservations since Milki also had goldens, and I didn't want two dolls with too similar eye colours. If you remember, Milki first had pink eyes, before she took over the Ambers, but I didn't manage to find a suitable pink pair in urethane (at least from Mako) for her. But after a looong wait Dollbakery finally had a new preorder and they had released a new colour Rose Quartz which might be perfect for my grey Bygg. So now Milki is waiting for those, eyeless XD I also preordered a pair of Silver Foxes (silvery beige with sparkles) for Hani. And now Meringue had her golden eyes :3

Carousel Horse 03

Oh, but back to the prime. It is sharp enough for me :) These photos were all taken with aperture f2.8 and it looks sharp. It was also easy to focus, the focus ring moved smoothly, although not quite as smoothly as my Taku. The aperture ring snaps into the values shown on the case (whereas the Taku has a stopless aperture ring).

Carousel Horse 04

Being a 35mm it can focus a lot closer compared to my other primes which are all 50mm+. As a result, these photos haven't been cropped that much. It is especially helpful with my Teenies, if I want to take close-ups of their faces. It might also work for face-up photos, I have to try it out with my next commissions.

Here is what the above photo looked unedited:

Carousel Horse 04 original

You can see that it is a much closer shot than what I showed with my Taku and Helios primes. I don't especially love the colour tone though. This was shot with auto white balance and it gives a slightly greenish hue and a bit dull contrast. It does have more contrast than the Helios though, but Taku's warm colour tones are definite win for me! Still, I like editing my photos, so it isn't a deal breaker for me ^-^ Actually shooting with the Taku almost made me forget what sort of edits I used to do to my photos XD


  1. I've always wanted to try a 35mm lens, sometimes the 50mm is frustrating to deal, especially for portraits of tinies~

    Love all the photos. Meringue looks great with those eyes!

    1. 35mm (or shorter) seems to be the thing to get for tiny portraits. Especially if you have a DSLR with a cropped frame, like me. Compared to full-frame, 35mm is then about the equivalent of 50mm. I might even try to find a true pancake, like 20mm, at least when I finally upgrade my camera body :3

      Thanks for the compliment! I'm also liking these eyes on her. Makes her look a bit less creepy compared to the blind bling XD


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