Aesthetics of March 2016

160328 Soom Luna

A few commissions done this month, above is my favourite of the bunch, I lovelovelove doing pink/blues!

I actually had an order for three more heads I was going to do during my week-long holiday around easter. But the owner never managed to ship them on time, so I'm still waiting for them... Thenagain, Loki had been a bit sick, so he stayed with me at home so I wouldn't have been able to do much more painting anyway >_<

160328 Soom Ray

They came as a pair! :D Luna and Ray are twins, the other being softer and the other with a bit more attitude, and it was reflected in their blushing colours. So Ray was done in more lavender/blues and less pink than Luna.

160312 Soom Feny Surprise

And another one of these happy cuties! :D I did a fox-like S.Feny for Velvet, for her evergrowing horde of Feny/Necys. Lots and lots of reds and browns in this one.

160312 Soom Feny Paws

Paws are for this cutie! :3 Remy is a CW doll, and the paws are NS so Velvet wanted me to blush them all the way to the top. Usually I just blush the parts to a bit over the middle, so that the joint looks unicoloured when put together, but in this case it really wouldn't have worked. But we ended up with pretty pink paws for the pink pomeranian :3

More commissions were reserved for next month, and it includes.... *drumroll* an Yrie! I've wanted to paint one for ages. It is a sculpt that I'm a bit on the fence with. With a certain kind of a face-up it is superduper cute and it'll be interesting to see whether I can paint a face-up of that kind myself :3


  1. I love your face ups!! And white skin with blue blushign looks so pretty~

  2. I just love my boys ^^ especially Luna is so beautiful <3 he is so girly but its just another trap in my doll collection :D

    1. Can't wait to see how your boys are all finished ^-^

    2. I'm about to make profiles of them on my blog ^^ and added photos everywhere :D


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