Dream Ripper Wings on Super Gem

I've been home sick with flu for over a week now >_< It was worst at the beginning of the week, but I'm still very exhausted... But today I at least had some energy to twiddle with my dolls. Not enough to go outside, so those prime lense comparisons are in still in queue, but I took out my glue gun and pointed it at the newly arrived Soom Dear My Tweety wings, which are the same as the older release Dream Ripper wings. "Dream Ripper" just sounds so much cooler, I'm going to just go with that! XD Especially since I'm not going to be using these on my Teenies, but as head wings for my SDs.

At least I think so. :P I loooved these wings as they were released with that Dark Heliot (and comoon Soom, where is our Dark Ai?!), but passed them as I didn't think I would have any use for them. I regretted that decision every time I saw a doll wearing them. Now as they were rereleased, I had to snag them up! They do look mighty cool on Nigel - he actually seems to be sneering a bit in that top photo. Maybe he levelled up into an angel hacker?

This time around the wings were released in pearly White and Gold (Dream Ripper wings were available in White and Black) and I got a pair of each. Fyrd has the golden ones for now. I might actually blush these to have more orangey/reddish tips, to better suit him. The white ones look nice just on their on, but maybe I'll give them some colour to the tips as well, to make them stand out a bit better against lighter backgrounds.

Fyrd's wings are positioned further back that Nikki's, since I didn't bother to reposition the magnets on his head. His magnets need to be very low so that his fox ears look nice to me.

Just for comparison, here are the same wings on Teenie Gem's head. They look a bit too large for my liking :( I hope Soom would sell separately similar wings in MSD size (since TG sizes are usually too chibi for I want) so I could get more of these! The small wings sold with Shale/Adamelli look a bit too small though.

I really, really seem to have a weakness for head wings... XD It started out with Hani and her dove wings, and now I want them for all my dolls!

Btw, I spent the better half of morning glueing in all kinds of magnets into my dolls. I got six pairs of magnets with the wings and didn't have to use but three of them since Fyrd already had magnets for his head ready. Now the trick was to have all my magnets facing the same way, so that all my wings/ears/horns could be used interchangeably. Luckily I had already started out to do this and Rigel, Fyrd and Cottoncandy all had their magnets on the same way. But my older Camellia wings and Hani's LittleFee wings had their magnets in odd pairs, meaning that the wings could only be put on the doll in one way (left wing doesn't go with the right magnet and vice versa). I popped the odd wings into a freezer and after a while I got the magnet out of the Camellia wing and managed to turn it around so now that pair can also be used by the other dolls ^-^

Just for fun, here they are on Nigel. Damn, it was hard to photograph black on black!

They look like droopey ears on Fyrd! XD Sorta remind me of Soom's Euclase somehow.

But I couldn't for the life of me get that little magnet out of Hani's wing >_> It is a very small magnet, but very, very strong with very, very strong glue... Well, Hani will keep her wings to herself then.

On other magnet mishaps: I now can't close Hippu's headcap X( This is a bit of a long story, but I'll try to keep it short(ish). See, the magnets holding his headcap both came loose. I've reglued them with super glue a few times, but after the last time I just didn't bother (his wig holds his cap on fine enough). Then when I made the petal ears for Cotton, I had stroke of "genius" (yes, the quotation marks are called for here) to put in some magnets while molding the ears, so that the ears would have perfectly shaped magnet holes ready. I used the magnets from Hippu's headcap, since they were lyeing around anyway. Now, I didn't think of taking them out before putting the ears in the oven... So when they were baked, the magnets were in place. And stuck.

So then Hippu was truly out of head magnets. Ok, no biggy, he had been doing fine without them. But now I had some new extra magnets and decoded to fix him while I was at it with the glue gun. I checked the right polarity, dropped some glue into the hole in his cap and dropped the magnet in. Only after doing this did I realise that the magnets that came with the head wings were about double the thickness of TG headcap magnets X( So the cap didn't fit anymore.

Ok, time to try to rectify the situation. Pop the cap into the freezer and when it is cold, after much prying with a hobby knife and using another strong magnet to help, I finally got it out. I then took the knife to the petal ears and finally manage to carve the magnets out of them. Glued the wing magnets into petal ears, they are now perfect. Check. Have Hippu's headcap magnets free. Check. Glue in the head magnets. Fail.

It is still not about polarity. :D I just put too thick a layer of glue into the holes and the magnets still didn't go all the way down. They are protruding some 1-2mm and now the cap still won't close. And now I really can't get the magnets out again... The head is again in the freezer, stay tuned.


  1. Magnet adventures omg, I'm always nervous when I need to put magnets and usually too lazy to glue them and jsut trust they will stay in place because the holes were tight enough XD which ofc doesn;t always work >.>

    Love the wings!!! I love winged dolls too, I've always wanted the fairyland LF wings but I can't justify paying ems just for those xD that and none of my dolls have magnets on their backs, nor magnet holes. Sticking magnets in the back doesn't sound it could look too pretty, but I've never tried

    Thanks for the tip about magnets, didn't know you could remove them making the piece cold. Hope Hippu's situation gets fixed soon

    Loved the photos! Hope you feel better

    1. I was really lucky since I found a local hobbyist who was selling those LF wings second hand. ^-^

      Magnets aren't to be feared! Although one should not glue them unprepared XD I still haven't gotten those bastards out of Hippu's headcap... But considering all the magnets I've glued (Rigel alone took four pairs) it is more rare to fail.

      Actually for most magnet parts, I don't glue the magnets onto dolls at all, only to the optional parts themselves. For my SDs, for example, their heads are too thick to use magnets through them. If I would have glued the magnets inside Nigel's head, the magnets wouldn't have been strong enough to hold the wings, eespecially wig a fur wig inbetween. So I have just taped the magnets onto the top of his head with masking tape. Then a (wigcap optionally) eig so that the protruding magnets don't show and the wings hold on securely!

      And for Hippu's wings, that he uses on his back, I have had thinner magnets that I've taped on his shoulderblades, outside the torso. The clothes hide them and the magnets hold even through thicker cloth.

      Now I have started to glue in magnets inside the caps of my Teenies, just so that everyone has got them ready. And TGs have those readymade slots for them, so the resin is thinner and hence the magnets hold better through it. But the magnets still won't hold sometimes, like with Cotton's fur wig and Nuu's clothes (for her tail). In these cases I add another 'layer' of magnets on top of the resin, but under the wig or clothes to make the parts stick properly. I surely don't want to lose precious limited parts!

  2. OMG, Nigel looks amazing (I'm bias toward Nigel though,lol)!!! I love those wings on him. Fyrd looks good too. Sorry to hear that you're sick, I hope you get well soon. <3

    1. Thank you ^-^ I'm in love with how the wings look in 3/4 profile on Nigel.

  3. Siivet sopivat kaikille todella hyvin mutta erityisesti ihastuin Nigeliin nuo valkoiset päässä! *o*

    1. Ne ovat omatkin suosikkini näistä vaihtoehdoista ^-^ Täytyy vielä katsoa josko Alex näyttäisi hyvältä noissa kultaisissa siivissä, krumeluuristi stailattuna. Fyrdille kun kuitenkin parhaiten sopii ne sen omat ketunkorvat.


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