Whole Again

Whole Again 01
I'm back together again!

I finally managed to pry out one of Hippu's magnets. It finally took pouring near-boiling water over the head to make the hotglue give in. Now he only has one magnet, but as it is slightly protruding out of the hole, it clicks onto the other side nciely when I snap the headcap in place. So not ideal, but functional at least... :P

Whole Again 02

Now my little Smiley is back again, and not in pieces on the table XD

He did lose his lashes though, as the hot water also solved the paper glue that were holding his lashes. But fortunately he doesn't look too off without them so I can make do until I get more lashes home. I already have some in order, just waiting for it to ship from the company to the group orderer.


  1. Welcome back Hippu!! /o/ I wish we lived closer, I have tons of different colors of eyelashes @.@......... I love hoarding apparently XD

    He's looking cute as always~

    1. I only have black eyelashes on all my dolls XD Although I did order some other colours this time. I've always wanted a doll with white lashes so I got those for some future doll (comoon that tan doll with all-white style!) and if memory serves me correctly, some purple ones?


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