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Corruptor 05

It is now February, the month of the hearts and love and Valentine's Day! So I was going for romantic themed photos, although the subject at hand is Cottoncandy, who definitely is not the spirit of Valentinus. But she might look like she's there waiting for her prince to come to swipe her off her feet? No? She's not fooling you, is she... >_<

Corruptor 02

I now have a problem with my Taku... XD It takes too good photos, I have a hard time choosing which ones to publish! Before I could easily trash about 50% of the photos taken in each photoshoot and then narrow it down from the rest. Now, even though shooting with wider aperture (and therefor having a theoretically larger risk to focus off target) every single photo was usable! I ended up editing about 10 photos and then it was a harsh task to narrow it down to these X( I still kept the others as extras on my drive though.

Corruptor 03

Ah, I just looove the wind-machine-look capabilities of fur wigs! XD I've read so many BJD-confessions saying how they hate fur wigs for looking so unrealistic and shabby, but I think it is all about the quality of the wig, not the material. I've had fiber wigs that look like something the cat chewed on, and also fur wigs that were just as horrible as the confessions make every fur wig sound like. Sadly I have to say that I can never recommend Soom fur wigs, because even though they look ok in the promo pics, they are awful irl! But Spite&Malice ill always get a recommendation from me! I don't even dare to order from anywhere else anymore. :)

Corruptor 04

Btw these photos didn't even need any other editing except some minor tweaking with shadow/highlights/colour tone. Some credit goes for Taku, some to my indoor lights. I used one spotlight here to add to natural daylight, to really bring light to Cotton's eyes. I usually just use Dodge tool, but this time I didn't think it was needed at all. Saved me a lot of time in editing, although at times I found myself staring at the screen thinking "is there really nothing I can think of adding". I'm just so used to adding so many filter effects to my photos :D But you be the judge if these still look like 'Fyrd8th photos', or if there's a truly different feel to them now. Or if there is a change, is it for the better?

Corruptor 01

Cotton waves you all goodbye for now! She hopes she has corrupted you all to post your own sweet Valentine's photos! ^-^


  1. I think I need a Taku for myself XD!!! Maybe after I finish paying Junia and her future stuff because I have nothing for MSD XD

    Cottoncandy is one of my faves :D From these photos I can't help but imagine myself saying "ohhhh she's such a cutieeeeeeeee" trying to touch her face and ending with me and a huge bite in my finger XD OUCH! She doesn't fool me though, I know that I could get hurt for that but I would try anyways :P

    I think you are right about wig quality. Lucas uses a SW doll or something wig and it's not nice at all, but it is what I have at the moment. Funny you mention Spite&Malice since I plan on ordering 2 wigs from her in the near future, one for Lucas and one for Faolan. Just waiting to see if SOOM really releases a worthy tiny to use my money on a layaway there instead. I've heard only good things about their wigs.

    Loved the entire set of photos, I don't mind if you suddenly decide to spam us with 10 more :D

    1. It's only that the photos were a bit repetitive... But I'll use them for Instagram :D It's about time I started uploading some more high-quality photos there and not only cell phone pics.

      S&M wigs are indeed high quality and the maker is a very nice woman! I've only had one hiccup ever when ordering from her. It was about her not replying to my initial order post (it got lost, she was overwhelmed with other orders or something like that). But once she did acknowledge the order, it was made as swiftly as all orders. And that is fast! I've mostly done orders of 4-6 wigs at a time and they've mostly been made in a week, which is a good turnaround for a commission. My more complicated custom wigs have taken a bit longer, but I was told that they would and she still delivered the wigs fast. Nowadays my only problem with S&M wigs is trying to decide which colours to combine XD Luckily DoA's wig thread is a great help!


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