Relaxing... Angel?

Relaxing Angel 02

Older photos from when I was taking comparison shots of the head wings, but I haven't posted them in the blog yet, so they'll do XD Btw, these golden wings are now on Alex and they seem to suit him quite nicely. Once I get more magnets, Fyrd can have his own ears back.

This has been an exhausting, yet interesting week. I started working at a new position at work and the new task is interesting and definitely makes time fly by. I couldn't believe it's already Friday! It was a very welcome change to my old job.

Relaxing Angel 01

But on the other hand, Valentine had three late shifts this week, which meant that I was alone with Loki for the better part of the week. Daycare has been wearing out the little guy and he is soo exhausted when we get home and that makes him a cranky little baby by six pm. Luckily he has fallen asleep pretty quickly once I get him to bed, but the time before that point has been a bit nerve-wrecking. I hope he manages to charge his batteries during the weekend.

I got a free weekend from commissions myself, and we have nothing social planned, but I still won't stay still XD I'm going to do overtime tomorrow (yey more money towards my new camera) and hopefully I can either redo Hani's face-up or take those prime lense comparison photos on Sunday.

So no relaxing for me, so Fyrd will just have to do all the loitering by himself :P


  1. Busy lady! If I were you I'd spend my free weekend doing nothing XD well with the exception of taking care of Loki ofc. I'm glad you like your new position! For me this week felt super long until the middle and suddenly after that it was friday! 2 crazy days. CRAZY CRAZY x.x.... the things we do for money XD

    Love the photos!

    1. Lately it seems I haven't been able to just put my feet up at all. Loki takes up so much of my time that whenever I have some 'time off' I hastily spend it with my dolls or games or something that 'needs to be done' :D Otherwise I would feel that I'd just disappear into motherhood...

      Well, now that we managed to move Loki to sleep in his own room, I can at least read a book for about an hour before going to sleep myself.


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