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Lumina Outfit 01

While I was taking photos of the head wings, I also managed to finally take photos of some of the outfits my TGs are currently wearing. Lumina is wearing a ready-made mix'n'match, but I also got some proper photos of the commissioned sets from Ayumi that Ford and Rigel are wearing.

201602 Lumina Outfit 02

I've collected my share of Soom TG outfits for sure XD Although I'm still feeling a tinge of regret over that Chess Hati set I didn't buy... But onto the clothes I do have! I've bought both Syen and Ai MD outfits, but some parts of them have gone very much unused until now. Lumina however has made claims to the Syen corset and Ai waistcloth, yey! I would love to get her another shirt though, the one she has on now is Hani's and it looks a bit too bulky for what I want for Lumi. Ideally though I should get a new shirt for Nuu, since her short-sleeved one is perfect for Lumina... I have used it before when they were sharing a body. But that shirt is also just so perfect for Nuu, I don't know what else to get her! >_<

Little Evil

Rigel got this commissioned set ages ago, but I've been too lazy to take proper photos of it, even after Ayumi specifically requesting them (please use these at will!). I wanted a Ciel-Phantomhiveish set for him in red-black-white. The set contains the black bloomers, white shirt, red vest and the black bow, costing me ~65 Euros (incl. material and postage).

All in all the workmanship is very good, the stitches look neat and feel very professional. My favourite piece are the bloomers, but sadly you can't see all the black-on-black details in photos. Also the upright collar suits Rigel very well ^-^

The vest however is a bit too short, or maybe too wide... I do love the look of a short vest in pics of Ciel, but (being an illustration) it is always very form-fitting, looking almost like a part of the shirt. The same effect couldn't be gotten here, because there's too much fabric with the shirt and a lined vest plus there are the snaps for both in the front which makes it look bulkier. Details of the vest are excellent though, and in a larger scale this would have looked much better!

There's a nice big bow on the back ^-^

Now for Ford I commissioned a brown shirt + bloomers set, costing me ~45 Euros (incl. material and postage). Ayumi suggested the golden details herself and they matched perfectly with what I had in mind for Fondant, so I was very pleased with the result! The bloomers are again magnificent, there is actually a little bow near the waist, but it gets covered up by this shirt. But knowing me I'll eventually get more separate items for Ford anyway so with a shorter shirt the bloomers will show their full detail. :)

The shirt is the same basic style as Rigel's shirt, but I asked for a different type of collar and slightly longer sleeves. Now the shirt looks more similar to for example the one Lumina was wearing up there.

Even nicer details in the back of this shirt! ^-^

General Fondant

I put on Fondant's waistcloth and armband in a different way, thinking of a cape and a belt this time. When I was dressing her like this, it brought to my mind how army officers wore capes and sashes in the past. (Somehow Gone With The Wind comes to mind, but my knowledge of both history and army dresscodes are so shaky that I might be just making this all up! XD) So I started to call her General Fondant :D Of course in the final photos, she looks more like a little girl going to the woods to get her grandma some lunch... :P


  1. Love all the outfits!!! your tinies are always so well dressed and use very detailed clothing, I love it!!

    I always have the hardest time figuring out what my fantasy dolls could wear. In my mind they do not need clothes nor shoes because they live in nature and do not like human things at all, but that also makes it boring to photograph (plus naked tinies is not cool XD Serafina is the only one that can kinda get away with it lol)

    Oh well back on topic, your tinies are amongst my favorite tinies from other collectors ~ ebcause their face ups are amazing and you know how to style them accordingly

    1. Aww thank you so much, I'm blushing here *^-^* It took me some time to accumulate enough clothes and experience to get where I am now with my Teenies. Practise was needed here as well!

      Seraphina at least doesn't need any clothes imo either, the lack of clothes make her look more one with nature for sure. But I get your dilemma. One one hand I think if I had a fully fantasy doll, I could just use different kinds of accessories and not any traditional clothes. One the other I wouldn't be able to resist some frilly lacey stuff XD

  2. Mietinkin juuri aamusta näitä vaatteita ja täällähän oli juuri sopivasti kuvia. x3
    Noita Fordinkin asun kuvia saan varmaan käyttää? :3

    1. Käytä vain! ^-^ Sori että vähän kesti saada nämä aikaan, mutta parempi myöhään kuin ei milloinkaan? ;)


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