Nyaan Once More

Nyaan Once More

Nyaruko is giving me a lovely smile, but she still holds tightly onto her crowbar... "Why haven't you taken any photos of ME?" Sorry, Nyaru-chan >_> But the good news is, I ordered that Nendoroid Sybilla I mentioned a few posts back and that will be spare parts for Nyaru. She'll have grey pigtails ^-^ And a crown! Fit for my little princess.

I'm just a bit sad that she can't have her ahoge with the new hair... Nyaru is so much more expressive with that strand of hair, it's amazing... I'm thinking that I might mod Sybilla, drill a little hole into her hair so that I could use the ahoge parts with that too (taken that the shade of grey matches somewhat at all), but I'm fretting about resale value. Thenagain, I really shouldn't worry about such things, since comoon, I'm never going to sell these anyway and the amount of money one gets out of a used Nendo isn't that high that it would much matter to me.


Whaaat?! Is Nyaruko finding an ally of Cotton? This is bad... Really bad... >_<

Just kidding, of course XD I just thought that the background I used for Nyaru-chan could also work for Cots. And it did, and I took more photos of my pastel-cat. But I'll post about them a bit later ;)


  1. So cute!! And congrats getting a new nendo, I really like it!

    1. Thanks! ^-^ Nyaruko was definitely bought on an impulse, she was just so cute but still had attitude (and comoon, Nyarlathatotep!) so I had to get her, even if her grey colour scheme is not ideal for me. Sybilla now was bought purely for attitude and the awesome look.


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