Hearts and Bunnies!

Soom has now released their new TG Elves, which are Bunny & Honey Heart Elves :3 Gah, I'm very tempted by these! I love tawny ♥ I love the hands ♥ I actually really love the Dreaming head ♥

The OE head somewhat reminds me of Peakswoods dolls, like Fantasywood's Aileen. Those googly eyes are captivating in relation of that button nose. Too bad it seems that there is no sculpted eye crease and the eyelid's profile looks quite flat. But the teeth are lovely!

The overall look of the OE head is just a tad too deer-in-headlights for me to go for it. If there had been a hint of a smile on those lips, I might have been sold. And I'm just assuming that the mouth is the same one on the D.head, as the only photos of it are from a downward angle which hides the teeth.

I'm half tempted to go for split to get the Dreaming head with the hearts-hands-body and then maybe mod the eyes a bit more open. However nevermind how cute this little bunny is, I would still prefer a tan Hati or Beyla (or Rru... or Sweet... or Afi :D), so I'm going to pass. My finances might get tighter starting from fall so I have to watch where I spend my savings.

Although those outfits also tempt me! Mint! I love the onepiece and the armbands and all the extras, just not the apron itself :D But 70eur + shipping is a bit steep, so I might have to see if I can just make something like that on my own.


On another note, my Nendoroid Joker has shipped! ^-^ Just hoping he'll arrive quickly.


  1. I was very excited when I saw a teaser of those heart hands by the sculptor on Instagram, but these dolls itself were a disappointment :/ Good thing for my finances though! If the hands were available for purchase separately, I would've loved to get them in WS for my TG girl...

    1. I was hoping for a separate sale for them too. Although it would have been bad for my wallet, since I would have gotten a pair in NS, CW and Grey each :D Well, I think they'll be available in the next body event anyway, so I can wait. Now Soom just needs to release holding hands and I'll be extatic!

  2. It seems we all were super excited by the heart hands XD I want those in my lofe >.>......

    I love the sleeping head, the cute lips and the teeth showing, but there's something that seems off in that OE head. It doesn't look bad in the promo pictures but it doesn't look great either. And the photos from the event where they showed them don't look really nice tbh.

    I'll pass too, which is a shame because the money was waiting for soom tinies. Like you, I'd prefer one of the other sculpts instead of the bunnies so I'l use my money in something else from my wishlist.

    1. Oh I didn't even notice that there were event photos of these dolls until you mentioned it! But yeah, as I already know I would prefer certain other sculpts, I'll hold out untill they are released.

  3. Cute but not for me. I like the bunny-parts, heart-hands and that outfit ser but neither of the faces really spike my interest... I think these faces lean more to Doll Chateau-kind of style which... is really not my cup of Diet Coke for most parts (some DC sculpts are ok).
    Seems like Soom is searching for a new style with their Teenies, at least in headsculpts. These new Teenies resemble Soom/some-other-doll-company-hybrids to me... like the fantasyparts & styling looks like Soom while the head is something else completely. Not complainong though, these might be just the thing for someone else! And happy I don't have to pine over a Teenie I would absolutely want. :)

    But yeah, like you I'd rather wait for a Free-Choice event with prettier older sculpts! ^3^

    1. Yes I noticed on DoA that these bunnies seem to be quite popular, but sadly they haven't taken wind here :( I still would love to paint that Dreaming head, although it is not completely my cup of tea. But Soom's like that, they evolve and other people love the new sculpts, others like the old ones :D Makes for more Soomed people on the whole, so I'm not really complaining. I know which ones I like and others have thought of them as 'meh', same as I think of these newer sculpts.


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