Even More Nendoroids!

Just ordered my Snow Miku today, yey! ~♥ Now I have three incoming Nendos: The Joker (should be released this month), Sybilla (for Nyaruko) and now Miku (maybe for Rin and BRS to share).

I've been looking through posts about the Wonfes lineups to see if there's anything that I really want, but this time around not many things caught my eye. Pretty much the only Nendo I'm vaguely interested in is this Kitty Card Captor Sakura Nendo, because hey I like cat-ears and it might make for a nice outfit for Komari? I have no use for the head though... Anyone want to split? :P Well, this is a Co-De release, so it'll be fairly cheap, so maybe I can just bite it.

Although I am rooting for more Star Wars Nendos! Kylo was released as concept art at Wonfes so my dream of a Han Solo Nendo is still alive, at least in my head ;) But since I'm a fan of Kylo's lightsaber (yes, I might be in the minority here, but I think it looks super badass!) I'm hoping I could get it somehow >v<

And on that non-anime end of Nendo-spectrum, they've also given out concept art of Deadpool. They seem to focus on the fully masked heroes/villains... I understand it though, it is easier to get it recognisible. Although since they've also released a proto of Superman, it seems a Nendo with a face isn't totally out of the question. So where is my Marvel Loki?! :D And Han Solo!

If you want to vote for either to become the next Nendoroid: Go vote in GSC's survey! http://event.goodsmile.info/nendoro10thanniv/en/survey/


  1. So many people buying nendos lately haha I like it! this is my favorite Miku of the ones I've seen so far in all kinds of figures, first because hell yeah snowboards right? xD and because it's like super happy and cheerful.

    I voted in that poll for Bell from Beauty and The Beast because Sherimi told me about it ahaha XD I probably wouldn't go and buy nendos, but maybe if there is a Bell I could think about it c: ...

    1. Belle would be a tough call for me! She's my favourite Disney princess (or maybe in par with Rapunzel, but this applies to her too) so I would definitely want to support her as a Nendo, but thenagain I can't see myself owning Nendos with long skirts >_< I think they limit the variety of poses so much... This is why I have no intention of getting Elsa although she is a gorgeous figure in any other way. This is especially for the case if they make Belle in her ballgown outfit. The shorter blue dress might make a difference, but I still wouldn't know if I would get it ;__;
      On Disney animated characters my vote would go for Flynn Rider! He definitely should have a wide range of poses! ^-^ (On Disney as a whole, my vote still goes for Han or Loki :P)


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