Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes AKA Happy Valentine's Day!

Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes 01

It's Valentine's Day! At least it still is for a few hours in here...

For the Day of Hearts, I wanted to take some pictures of my hearty little unicorn ~♥ While I was posing Meringue, this song from Cinderella started paying in my head, so I took a photo where she looks like she's praying. Maybe for a Valentine of her own? Or perhaps just her kingdom back XD ...Somehow I don't really see Meringue as a romantic (Fondant is the more sappy one of the two sisters), but she does suit the look!

So you can listen to this, if you want ;)

Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes 02

I still feel that Meringue's face-up is the one to top in my current portfolio ^-^ But of course I always hope to do better with each new commission so maybe soon Meringue has to drop to second place. She won't like it though... :P

Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes 03

But! Back to the subject of Valentine's Day!

It is actually more literally called "Day of Friends" here in Finland and it is usually 'celebrated' by giving gifts and cards to friends and people one cares about, not just to lovers (or people you have a crush on). I think it is a nice tradition, although I rarely spend it with friends... We've had a tradition to go out to eat with Valentine and do a real couples day. This year, however, we were both too sick to really go anywhere public. So we had Valentine's parents take Loki for a few hours and went to rent a few movies and buy some junk food and Ben&Jerry's. Perhaps not that romantic, but still lovely ^-^

Happy Valentines Day 2016 01

Switch of background! And for this, you can also switch the theme song to my favourite Valentine's Day song:

Happy Valentines Day 2016 02

I would have wanted to go to a Valentine's doll meet-up, but we didn't manage to arrange one in my city and I really couldn't have left to go to someplace else either. But I hope we can get together with my closest doll friends next weekend for a belated Valentine's Day minimeet like we have planned ^-^ I haven't seen them in forever!

Happy Valentines Day 2016 03

And on that note, Meringue's out. She'll still be searching for her one and only Valentine. Ah, maybe she's looking for a prince to take back her kingdom? Two for one! :D


  1. I love all the photos and Meringue is one of my faves!! Theya re all my faves but she's special :D!!!

    happy Valentine's day for you, a little late though >.>

    1. Thank you! And happy belated Valentine's Day! ^-^~♥


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