Cotton Gets All the Goodies

mint petal ears f03

These have been a long process to publish, but here is my other Fimo project: petal ears. They seem to be the best fit for Cotton, so she seems to hoard all of my Fimo things to herself... First the horns and not the ears. I have no idea what kind of a demon she is, switching between horns, ears and nothing. A changeling of sorts? :P

But yeah, I started working on these at the same time as the horns I posted about looong time ago but I didn't want to show these until they were finished. They were of low priority to me, so all kinds of commissions and photography things were done first while these waited patiently on the shelf.

mint petal ears f01

These were made of mixing mint with sparkly white Fimo. After curing I blushed them with pink and added pearly powder for extra glitter. There are some black specs in there, since the Fimo gathered dust like crazy while molding.. >->

I swear I had some progress photos of these, but apparently I haven't gotten a real hold of my backup processes, since I now can't find them anywhere...

mint petal ears f02

They are of a darker shade of mint than would be ideal for Cots, but they don't actually look that bad.

mint petal ears f04

Maybe Cottoncandy is a type of nekomimi afterall? :P But the petal ears actually suit her "let's put on everything pastely and cute to cover up the rotten core" theme.

I'm thinking of making another pair of these, in full white maybe, as with blushing they could be made to look even better. I just need more magnets!


  1. Cotton deserves all the goodies xD

    I think these are so original, makes me want a pair myself, neevr seen anything like it :p and they suit her too~ Everything pastel suits her, I agree.

    1. I think that at least Pipos has also done rose ears, so the idea is not completely original, although the ears I've seen have been pretty much cat ears with roses inside them and I wanted the earlobe to look more like a petal as well. Can't take full credit though! ^-^

  2. These look so adorable! ♥ Love the idea of the flowers on the ears~

    1. I love the look too! And so many other designs could also be made similar to this. Like a large gerbera inside ear :3 If only I had the patience to make so many little petals XD

  3. Lovely ears! Loving the pastel theme for her. I have some Fimo clay thingy at home but I kept forgetting to use them... I should take them out of the box where I can see them. That might motivate me to do something with them.

    LOL, "let's put on everything pastely and cute to cover up the rotten core"... I had a good laugh with that line... since I can relate to some of my dolls' personalities with that. ;P

    1. :D Some others of my dolls are evil up front, as in they don't try to hide it. But with Cottoncandy I have the feel of that nasty little princess of the playground who looks and acts so sweet (at least if any authorities are looking) but is a bully inside.


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