And All I Got Were These (Actually Not At All) Lousy Shoes

I mentioned way back when that I had made an order from Taobao for some stuffs. Well they actually arrived ages ago, but I have was so disappointed with it, that I didn't want to post about it at all. >_< But since these shoes are actually really nice and fit TGs perfectly, I can at least show them off!

These shoes were bought from this shop. I've bought from them before as well, both 1/6 shoes (the ones Cotton currently wears although I first bought them for Rigel) and some SD clothes. Everything I've gotten have been as pictured and seem to be great quality. :) I can heartily reccomend!

I also bought a black underskirt from Classical Puppets, This too is great! The organza makes for very puffy look and it looks marvellous under my black onepiece. ^-^ Classical Puppets is quite known for their quality petticoats and I can join the choir here. I have this same cupcake petti in white as well, and a white A-line petti and both of them are excellent guality too and have not lost their puffyness with age. I might even get a third cupcake petti, in some pastel colour (mint or pink) for really sweet coords.

...But then... I ordered two custom size shirts from this shop. I have bought from them too before and the quality has been nice. First I got some standard size shirts, which were nice thick mesh and looked very good with my coords, but I just couldn't fit into them anymore. Just before I got pregnant I ordered two short sleeved custom sized shirts that were ok (although didn't fit over my pregnancy boobs), but that might have been because I ordered them as "XXcm chest and the rest in size L". Now I ordered two new long sleeved ones and gave more custom measurements. And it failed soooo bad! Although it can be said that it is at least partially my own fault for not simply being clear enough. >_<

I ordered this brown shirt and gave custom measurements of "chest circumference", "shoulder to shoulder", "shoulder to wrist", "waist circumference" and "shoulder to waist". I also noted that they should ask for more measurements if needed, but I assumed that they could have winged the rest from their general patterns. What I got:

They bloody cropped the whole shirt to 50cm in height! >_< In the shop picture the shirt clearly goes down onto the hips and I had just assumed they would have automatically made the shirt longer than what I gave as a "shoulder to waist" measurement. I gave that measurement so that they could see where the shirt's waistline needed to be (since there are waistbands in the back and all). But apparently I should have been more clear and given a "shoulder to hip" measurement as well... The shirt is now too short to have actual use...

It is also a very ugly colour and not as in the shop pictures! I have had this same shirt in a standard size and that shirt was a very lovely rich chocolate colour, whereas this thing is a dull dusty grey-brown. :( Plus they have sewn some of the buttons upside down... Sure, that is easily fixed, but just shows the poor attention to detail.

I also ordered this white shirt, but since I had given the same measurements, it has the same problem with lenght as this brown one... :( And also it looks poor quality, the bows are not as neat as pictured and are actually a shade different than the base shirt. I didn't even take any photos of it, since I was just so disappointed with it.

So that's two shirts that I have to trash and it leaves me with still no loli shirts to wear. :( The dealer I used ( took my complaints, but I don't really think that they can do anything about it, since these were custom orders and the fault is at the shop. I sure won't be shopping from Strawberry again though! You can try at your own risk, but I recommend you be really careful with the measurements you give to them!

Well, luckily romatic style has been in general style, so I just have to go shop in local retail shops to see if I can get some loliable shirts from there. I do have that one mesh shirt from H&M that I love (even paired with non-loli clothes) so I'm hopeful.


  1. Sorry to hear about the shirts :/ I've been hesitant to order any custom clothes because of this same reason... Maybe "shirt length" would've been a term they had understood better?

    1. Yeah I should have given a total lenght in addition to the shoulder-to-waist. Hindsight is 20-20 :D

      I have done other custom orders from China (a wedding dress and a coctail dress), but not through Taobao. It seems to be totally dependent on the shop and their expertise in these orders. I mean, what seamstress would not have questioned the measurements? But yes, I do take the blame in this case...

  2. Ohhh no! That's awful! D': I hate it when you've ordered something and are really excited about getting it and then it turns out to be a disappointment. :1 It's like all those feelings of anticipation and excitement went to waste.

    I'm actually a bit vary about ordering from the Chinese shops anymore because of the more-often-miss-than-hit items... D':
    Ford's shoes are really pretty though!

    Muuten, jos kommentoin kerralla moneen postaukseesi, blogi blokkaa kommentoinnin ja sanoo että kommentti julkaistaan hyväksynnän jälkeen. ^^;;

    1. Hyvä että huomautit, niin tajuan käydä hyväksymässä! ^_^

      I've grown accustomed to the hit-and-miss of any online shopping. I've learned to mostly just do with what I get and mostly my orders have been at least usable, if not exactly what I wanted. But yeah, sometimes it gets really awful. Thenagain, it is only money and things... And given the price of these shirts, it is just a lesson learned. It won't stop me from ordering from Taobao again, I'll just avoid this shop from now on.

  3. It sucks that you didn't get what you wanted :( From failures we do learn, but why do we have to pay for them? XD hope the store will solve something, even if its a partial refund or something.

    The shoes are very nice!!! I was just looking for more yoSd shoes, but sadly the models I wanted from there (thanks for the link btw) aren't available in the colors I wated haha XD It's okay though! I received my previous taobao order the other day and there were 4 pairs of shoes for Ailene there. I might do a post about it, since Musume suggested it to me :)

    1. Please do post! I'm always looking for more cheap shoes for my Teenies. They currently have one pair each, but it is not ideal as I need some colour variation when I switch out their clothes. And it is just safe to have an extra pair, in case of a sudden new Teenie who would otherwise be without shoes! ;)


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