Aesthetics of February 2016

160203 Soom Clozel

Still a week of February to go, but I won't be finishing any other heads this month, so I'll just post this now when I still remember to do so ^-^ I have a steady stream of commissions coming in and slots have been reserved for March as well so this year is looking good so far!

First up there is a Soom Clozel, one of the most popular of the newer Soom ladies. I think at least? She has nice features, a cute nose profile, but the lips aren't quite as nice as on Topaz, which she most resembles imo. I was commissioned to do an Andrejaesque (the reference face-up was a blue one Andreja had done on a Clozel) face-up in tourquoise tones as she is a water goddess or something. A mother to the Luts Berry centaur I did last year, in fact. The two have similarities in their face-ups, but the colouring is different :)

160221 Soom Feny Surprise

Then I got to do two Fenys, the normal and the surprise head. The surprise head was commissioned to be cheerful and redheaded. I've done a Necy Surprise before in Cream White, you remember Spica's Remy, right? Well, the feel is about the same, but the look is still different here. I used more natural tones and did some freckles on the nose. The ears were blushed orange-red-black because the character is a fox.

160221 Soom Feny

The normal head is a more reserved character with black hair. I used colder tones for both the cheeks and the eyes. And if you really pay attention, the blushing is at a different spot than in the surprise head ;) In the surprise head the cheek blushing is at the cheeks' low point, whereas in the normal head the blushing is on the high point. It makes the surprise head look a bit chubbier, or like the cheeks are wide with smile. Hopefully at least! :D

You might also notice that I've done eye creases in both Teenie heads. I have avoided doing them for a long time since I haven't mastered making them smooth. But it is the next "level up" I can gain so I just need to take the bull by the horns so to say. It was pretty easy to do for the Fenys, since there are shallow indents on the upper lids in the sculpt, so I could just follow them and be sure that they would be somewhat symmetrical. I could then concentrate on the technique to make them look smooth and like they had be drawn with a brush instead of a pencil (which I used). I'll pratice on some Teenies first (maybe redo Hani's face-up once again) and once I gain more confidence, I'll start doing them on a regular basis.

160220 Angelsdoll Cien

Then I also got to redo Saburou's face for Deary. For reference, below is the old face-up:

Angelsdoll Cian - comission

You can easily see the improvement in 2,5 years, right :D My lashes are thinner and longer and I have gotten much bolder with blushing. And I changed the way the eyebrows go, I think the upwards angle makes him look more like the asian nemesis that he is. I hope Deary agrees!

Sabbe is kind of a kindred spirit to my Fyrd, and now that I look at the face-up, there are actually a lot of similarities in the colours I used XD I wanted to have a bit more red in the eyeliner, but I didn't manage to get the result I was rrally going for... I might have had to use actual pencil to make the red bolder...

On the blushing: this sculpt has very strong features, so to make them more apparent, I used heavy blushing around the face, on the cheekbones, the sides of the mouth, the chin etc. Photos eat away most of it, it is much more vibrant irl. I'm just hoping it will make the head look more lifelike. I had gotten so used to painting only stylized dolls, it was quite refreshing to paint a more realistic one. I would really want to be able to do skin rendering and creases and such, but in most of the face-ups I do, they would look out of place. Well, I have a forte, and it is not realism, but cute Teenies ;) I can't blame customers going for someone else to get good realistic face-ups, where they'd get their money's worth.


  1. You have truly gotten better, which is amazing since you were already good 2,5 years ago!!! I love that Clozel face up, the colors are perfect for her.
    And so much glitter/pearl this month!! love it :D!!! I would bath in glitter if I could XD and so would my dolls ofc :p

    May I ask how do you do frekles? they turned out really nice! I've never tried but maybe someday I'd like where to start with them

    1. I do freckles with a brown watercolour pencil. I just do small dots with a very sharp point, keeping them asymmetrical in spacing and then I put more colour on some to make them look like some are a bit darker than others. Afterwards I go over them with a Q-tip top soften them a bit.
      It looks drastic compared to 2,5 years, even though back then I was pretty pleased with my work too :D I've been adding so much colour to my palette. Just wait and see how my face-ups look like in another 2,5 years... You probably can't see the original resin colour anymore! XD Maybe I'll make my money by matching frankendollies' resin colours :P

    2. Thanks for the tip :D!!!
      In 2 years more you will be the master of color :D

  2. OMG that surprise FENYYYYY! ;__; <3 Soooo cute! It's the best face up that I've seen done on this head sculpt right after my own Remy! Now I want multiples of this head oh no. x3

    I liked the old face-up on Cien too but that new one really shows your progress! Especially with the more bold use of blushing. It's also good to watch the then/now pics so that I can learn something if I wanna try face-upping someday again...

    1. Well it seems you got your wish of multiple S.Fenys XD
      And before/after photos are really, really helpful. It is the only reason I don't just delete all my old face-up photos. Well, pictures in general are helpful. Sometimes see some mistake in preview photos that I hadn't noticed irl, so I can fix them before it is too late. And photos show well what is working and what isn't.


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