She Should Be Glad She's Plastic

Out in the cold 02

Since if she were a real person, Yuffie would have gotten home with severe frostbites, going out in that outfit XD I was wrapped in all winterwear myself, in fact the outfit I bought to wear on the slopes so they withstand cold, water and wind. Still, for this particular photo above I was actually laying on the ground on my back to get this angle, so some snow managed to sneak inside my clothes. It was worth the shot though, since it is my favourite of the set :P

Out in the cold 13

So it's all 'downhill' from here on out. :P Nooo, they turned out ok as well. I actually edited a lot more photos, but then left some out when I uploaded the set on Flickr. There were a few photos that were very much the same as some of these, only a minor change in angle of composition. I hope I made the right decisions... It seems that usually when I upload a set onto Flickr my own favourites don't get many favs, and the photos I liked the least get the most love.

Out in the cold 14

Yuffie was wearing small summer shoes, but since you can't see them in any of the photos, just imagine she has some Uggs or something. She's wearing the same outfit she had on in our Xmas meetup in Turku, which reveals just how little I've been doing with my SDs lately. But she was wearing a winter coa and the scarf so she was best prepared for a stroll in the snow.

Out in the cold 03

The colours might be a bit (or a bit more) off in some of the photos. My camera really doesn't like white-against-white and the photos were really blue right off the camera. Nowadays I'm using Valentine's laptop to edit my photos and although I've tried to recalibrate its screen once already I think it doesn't show the photos as they should be X( Or I was just using colour corrections too gently in PS. Autocorrect made them way too yellow, but it might have just been the stark contrast to the original blues. I edited the photos once and after a while when I came back to them, they still seemed too blue, since now my eye had gotten accustomed to the changes.

Out in the cold 05

It wasn't snowing at the time I went out, in fact it was a very nice clear day, but I sprinkled some snow onto the doll. You can actually see a snowflake on the tip of her nose in some photos :3

Out in the cold 06

The white coat was difficult to photograph, but I think Yuffie's hair looks really nice against the snow.

Out in the cold 08

Aw Yuf and her lovely profile ~♥

Out in the cold 10

She looks like she's wondering if she dares to go deeper into the winter forest. Yuffie, did you go through a wardrobe by any chance? :D


  1. She looks stunning with that yellow hair against the winter scenery~ And she's so pretty *_* my favorite photo is the second one though hahaha :D

    1. The hair is amazing, such a vibrant shade of yellow! I'm glad I managed to snatch it from Napidoll. If I weren't planning on switching over to natural fibers, I'd definitely stalk their website for more. :3
      Thanks though, the second one is one among my own favourites as well ^-^

  2. Ihana peruukki <3 En ole keltaisen värin suuri ystävä mutta joskus se osaa ihastuttaa suunnattomasti :3 Pärjäisipä sitä itsekkin ulkona nyt niin kuin tämä neiti :D

    1. Ei keltainen kuulu omiinkaan lempiväreihini (kuten yleisestä pastellikatraastani voisi päätelläkin), mutta tässä nukessa se on juurikin se kiva piristys :D Ja Yuffie nyt muutenkin pyrkii olemaan erilainen, joten in-your-face tukanväri on hälle ihan omiaan.
      Minä haluaisin lähinnä omistaa tuollaiset samat vaatteet kuin tällä tytöllä on (ja itse asiassa sama pätee moniin muihinkin nukkeihini). :P Jos sellaiset olisi vaatekaapissa, niin kulkisin ne päällä paleltumista uhmaten!

  3. She looks like Alice in Wonderland with the yellow hair and blue in her outfit! The surroundings however do remind of Narnia! A storybook-like pictureshoot indeed! :)


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