Liebster Tag vol.2

Spica asked me to answer her questions as well, so here it goes! ^_^ And if anyone else wants me to answer their questionnaire, but didn't tag me for one reason or another, just mention it in the comments and I'll add them here.

1. Fantasy or science fiction? Or both? Or neither? (if neither what genre do you like?)
Fantasy for me. I was actually reading through Xaya's answer to this same question and it might as well been mine XD I also begun with Eddings and Weiss&Hickman, and have expanded from there. But I hated reading through Tolkien! I only managed to read through the first book of the LotR before I was too bored to continue. I have mostly liked the traditional fantasy series, or so called high fantasy, but lately my tastes have shifted towards more modern fantasy novels. I've read through the Potters as well, although somehow I don't categorise them as fantasy... :D

I like scifi movies and scifi themes in general, but in book form they tend to be too boring for me. Staw Wars is a big thing for me, but in truth it isn't really science fiction, but more like space fantasy. ;)

2. Who or what is your childhood hero? Do you still look up to them?
Damn I had to think about this for a while because like I've mentioned before, I've been more into villains and anti-heroes than actual heroes... ;) I've fangirled over Ford Prefect, Han Solo and Raistlin, but 'looking up to them' isn't really fitting here.

Maybe Dougas Adams can be named here. From the first time I read through his novels, I was in instant awe of how good he was. And this awe has not diminished at all over the years. The whimsical way of his writing is a constant influence for me, even when I try not to  be influenced by it. XD As in I'm trying to write this dreadful scene happening to my own characters and I just get this pressing impulse to write comical footnotes to it.

3. What fictional character do you love to hate?
Moiraine from Wheel of Time. Heck, pretty much every female from Wheel of Time. If I ever manage to write a character that readers will hate as much as I hate Moiraine, I will be so proud of myself!

4. Three things that make you happy? (or more if you get inspired!)
Whenever I listen to Hare Hare Yukai, I'll get a smile on my lips. I'm also happy when I dress my dolls and manage to make some new combination from my existing pieces of clothing. Winning at cards, especially against Valentine is always a happy moment! :D Also, but not limited to: reading a good book wrapped inside a warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, writing a couple of pages in one go, playing an RPG...

5. What movie/TV-show did you watch last? How did you like it?
Just the other day we watched the first episode of Shannara from HBO. It was much slower in pace than what I've grown accustomed to (in comparison to Game of Thrones for example) and I didn't feel such a connection to the characters, but we'll see how it turns out.

6. Your favorite restaurant/shop? Tell us a little about it!
I love eating at high end restaurants. :3 At least three courses with excellent wines and I'm a happy girl! My favourite restaurant here is Pinella, although Kaskis is also very good (but the waiting list there is super long so I can't ever just go there on a whim). They both offer modern fine dining at their best, using mostly local nordic ingredients.

For shopping, I usually do it online :D

7. What kind of things do you keep always with you? Or do you have such things?
I always make sure that I have lipbalm, my phone, keys and wallet in my bag. Then added to these I usually carry a little mirror, earphones and bandages with me (both regular bandages and the ones meant for blisters).

8. What kind of music do you listen to?
Mostly pretty usual pop-music. Currently I listen to both Adele and Lady Gaga pretty frequently, but I also have Queen on my playlists.

Thenagain, sometimes I'm in the mood for something darker and then I listen to HIM or Kotiteollisuus (a Finnish metal band).

9. Do you believe in magic? (the nature of magic not defined)
Not really. I think the universe in all its vastness is marvelous enough to be magical, or at least beyond my capability to understand it. I do believe in things that others would call supernatural, although for me they are merely philosophical necessities. :P

10. Internet memes! Like 'em or hate 'em? Favorite/least favorite meme?
I like memes. :) I love these blog-memes that circulate from time to time, it gives me something to post about XD And I love getting tagged, so keep'em coming!

I also like the picture-caption memes, when they are actually funny. A well-thought-out meme is golden!

11. What do you think about tattoos? Do you have one(or more)? If you would get one what kind of a tattoo would it be?
I don't have any tattoos yet, but it is because I haven't yet found a tattoo artist that I would trust to mark my skin permanently (that would be in Finland). I have a very high standard for this as I'm thinking that if I'm going to get one tattoo, it better be damn amazing!

Atm my vision is to get a large (baby blue) bow tattooed on my back. It would be placed on the spot where I had my epidural when giving birth to Loki, symbolising him and that he will be my one and only child. I have fallen in love with the watercolour tattoo style, since I really don't want to get a traditional looking tattoo. Nothing wrong with them as such, a well done traditional tattoo looks amazing, but it just isn't for me. I'm just not traditinal in any sense. XD I didn't want a traditional wedding band, as in I didn't want a ring, I wanted the shape of it to be broken in some way (this is very difficult to explain). The same way I don't want a tattoo with a clean outline.

If I didn't have this specific standard for this specific tattoo, I would probably get some whimsical new-school tattoo. I love the vibrant colours and cartoony themes!

I don't want to cover too much of my skin by tattoos and if I would get multiples, I would like that they would be similar, like belonging to the same set. So I had to really prioritise from all my tattoo ideas. The other images I have wanted have been:
- a butterfly, either a small one on my back (this was then replaced by the bow idea) or a large one on my upper thigh (yes, idea stolen from Angel Sanctuary's Belial)
- a red spiral on my side (symbol of Fyrd, but I just couldn't design this one well enough for it to look really good)
- something at the back of my neck (maybe a bow, but I don't want other things to distract from my main large bow so I had to pass on this)

... wow, that was a lot of talk about tattoos :D


  1. Yay thank you for answering! I loved reading this~ I feel like each question would make an awesome topic for conversation (...well maybe not the "what do you always have with you"-question as most people don't seem to carry little objects with them like I do ^^;;), and when I have to come up with these tag questions, I always choose ones that I'd really like to chat about. :)

    Yes, you're right, Star Wars is more of a space fantasy! I myself would find it hard to choose which I'd prefer, fantasy or science fiction, as both are literature genres I love... but if I had to, maybe science fiction.

    And I kind of agree about not thinking of Harry Potter as "serious fantasy"... I don't know why, but... and I like the series although the plot is not so clever as some fans praise it to be.

    Nngggh... I love fine dining too! I sometimes feel like people think I'm boasting if I tell about having dinner or lunch at a more high-end place because people don't seem to do that so much... ;__; But I just enjoy cuisine that is not your ordinary steaks, hamburgers, pizzas and the like (although those can be tasty too, but I think it's stimulating to have new tastes and experiences) I've yet to try the new Pinella, but I hear it's a good place.

    That's an interesting take on the magic-question. I left it a little open on purpose to see what people would come up with. ;) And this is just what I was after, not necessarily thinking of magic as "magic tricks" or "sorcery" but to define what is "magical" to you.

    Hihi, lots of tattoo talk, good! :) This is also one of my favorite subjects! I'd like to get one, but I also want to think it well through. I've once been to a tattoo parlor and talked with the artist but then didn't get one (yet). I've always been certain of the image though, a fox, to symbolize my soul. :)

    I'm also thinking about those watercolour tattoos! They look like painting on your skin. I had a lenghty conversation about tattoos with my hairdresser last time I was there (I love my hairdresser, we always have the most interesting conversations! <3) as I was reading a tattoo magazine while sitting in the barber's chair. My hairdresser brought up a thing that I had not taken into consideration about watercolour tattoos before: the black ink is there to keep the other colours from "bleeding" with time. So it might be that in time the watercolour tattoos might start looking blurry on their edges. This made me think again about having one... although it is true thateven with traditional tattoos you might have to "renew" them and add more color and renew the outlines from time to time to keep them from looking faded.

    Tattoos are interesting and I wonder when I'll be courageous enough to get one! (and my father will disown me when I do, I'm sure xD ) Oh and then there's the question of finding the perfect tattoo artist. I've liked to works of Individual Ink and Skincraft parlours in Turku but we'll see.

    1. I'll have to check out those two tattoo parlours! ^-^ The colour-bleeding of watercolour style tattoos doesn't really bother me, since the style is a bit smudgy around the edges anyway. :) But yes your hairdresser might well be right that the outline is important for old/new school tattoos.

      I spend the better half of my maternity leave watching shows like Inkmaster and it always made me wary of getting a tattoo at all, the way the judges critiqued the tattoos to pieces... I need perfection!

      Maybe we need to make a reservation to Pinella then? :3 Valentine is also a foodie and would probably also want to join though.

    2. Yeah I've watched my share of those shows too... it's really scary to think that even if you've done your research well and carefully chosen the tattoo artist and even then the result looks less than pleasing... because if I'm going to have something on my person for the rest of my life I want it to look absolutely the way I've meant it to look.

      Ooh yes yes I'd really like to come and have a nice evening and dinner with you guys if that wouldn't make me too much of a third wheel! ;)

    3. It would be no problem! ^-^ We've ran out of discussion topics anyway so "fresh new blood" would surely be appreciated. I just can't primise that we'll do this in the immediate future, since we'd need to leave Loki overnight at the grand-parents and before that we need to rehearse that for a few times ;)

  2. Slower pace than Game of thrones, dang. I always felt the books showed so many things all at once, then the series gave me so little I'd consider the series very slow :o Didn't heard about that new series though, but now I'll consider myself warned. Do you like historical series? I just finished watching Versailles 2015 a few days ago and loved it :D

    One of my brother's hpbbies is magic tricks, like cards stuff and so and sometimes He does really impressive things!! granted, it's not real magic, but how cool it would be if it were right? Sometimes I ask him how He does it, but I always end up stopping him before He says anything, I prefer not to kill the magic haha.

    Coold of you to answer the tag twice, and it also gave me the opportunity to read twice as much about you :D

    1. I'm not that into historical series, I've watched Borgias for a few seasons but otherwise I've pretty much skipped them. I usually watch thriller/detective type of shows, ranging from Sherlock to Hannibal and House M.D. :) But high-budjet fantasy and scifi shows end up being watched as well.


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