Just Because

Just Because 01

Just because it's Eiko. These photos have no deeper story behind them, I just wanted to take some pictures of her since I kinda promised Xaya I'd post about her more. :P

The first few photos of this set are foggy, not because of photoshopping, but because I had in fact just gotten back home from taking doll pictures outside (I'll post them in a few days, if not tomorrow). I noticed it when I was testing the composition and I decided I wanted to take some shots even before wiping the lense and see how they'd turn out. I did have to edit them quite a bit in PS, to bring out more contrast, as this photo above was very grey in the beginning.

Just Because 02

Here the fog was already starting to clear from the lense. I took photos in quick succession in order to try to get the best amount of fog and this photo above was the best of the bunch. It gave a sort of a 'natural vignette' to the photo.

Just Because 03

And with the fog all cleared up, we'll get a standard set of just Eiko, just being cute as she is. ~♥

Just Because 04

I can't help it, I just love those catpaw-like hands :3 And because of that, I seem to always use them in the photos...

Just Because 05


Just Because 06

We'll, see you soon as I reveal who it was that I took outside to the cold to get some snowy-photo-time. Just as a hint, it was the only doll that was wearing anything even resembling warm clothing XD


  1. She looks lovely and I love the foggye ffect!! I remember when I was in the university we made lots of experiments for photo effects and one of those was putting vaseline in a square glass and putting that in front of the lens.

    Love her clothes, Brown looks so good on her~ and I love how you posed her!

    1. Thank you! ^-^
      I think that after I've gotten used to the new lenses I have on the way, I'll then start on experimenting with extension tubes and after I've gotten the hang of that I'll continue to filters :3 There just seems to be so many options, I think I'll get overwhelmed by them! So until then, I'll just stick to PS filters and this kind of 'natural' filters ;)

  2. Loving that natural vignette effect! Looks like something from an old photography studio~

    1. Yeah it does have that retro feel :) Maybe I'll eventually go out all-retro XD


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