Just Another Dia... Not!

Feeling Binary Again 02

Ever since Soom published a teaser (and now the sales page) of their new Jotunheim Dia I've been seeing Dias quite a lot on Instagram. I'll join in, if spamming these lovely boys (or girls) will persuade someone else to get one too! ^-^ Since one's own Dia is always the best Dia... And for me, Nigel is the most adorable Dia out there.

Feeling Binary Again 01

Gah, I love my new lenses! They are so sharp! In older photos of Nigel his beauty marks could not really be seen at all, to the point of me getting frustrated on why I even bothered with them at all. But I luv'em! ~♥

Feeling Binary Again 03

Poor Nickens, he can somehow look so so vulnerable. Although I credit it to this amazing sculpt (you should definitely get one! :P ), which has such versatile features.

Feeling Binary Again 05

I've been listening to a lot of the songs that were themes for my DeathGrip characters today and I hate it that I haven't gotten any writing done lately. But whenever Nigel's song begins, I have instant visions of scenes with him, and the same goes for Alex and Matt. I just need to make a coherent storyline of them >-> Easier said than done...

Feeling Binary Again 06

Nigel invites you to join the army of Dia-owners! XD Or maybe just to a LAN-party? What would you like to do with Nigel?


  1. Awww for as moment there I thought you would be getting the new one with elf ears!!! bummer~ I was egtting ready to stalk! I'm good at that XD not so good at buying dolls I wwant ;_; .....

    Nigel is the second best Dia, mine is better XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD jk you are right, one own's Dia is always the best Dia :D!!!
    I probably won't join the spam, but I'm happy to see Dias in my dash more often~

    1. Well Lucas is my second favourite, I just love his relaxed look and tan resin! ^-^ Please snap a shot of him for the rest of us to enjoy ~♡

      Sadly, I have no use for an elf or a vampire Dia, although they do look amazing in the promo pictures. I do hope that I can stalk someone else's grey Dia though.

  2. Your Dia is beautiful! I love his beauty marks! Vincent will also have a beauty mark but on his chin, he and my other doll, Mitsuki (Little Monica Kliff) are the two dolls that have beauty mark so far. What is your boy personality like? :D

    1. Nigel is an introverted otaku and a hacker. Although most would call his looks beautiful/handsome, he just doesn't see it himself and he actually has low self-esteem. He has no luck with ladies, since he is snappish, easily irritated and somewhat annoyingly intelligent. Glad you think he's beautiful too though! ^-^

      Funnily enough, I did remark that you listed a Kliff in your doll profiles. I have an Enrill myself! My Alex is an angsty teenager guitarist and they really don't get along with Nigel. :P

      Nigel is my only doll with beauty spots. Some of my Teenies have little symbols on their cheeks, but no simple dots.

    2. If he would only know people thinks he's beautiful! Lol, my Mitsuki is a hacker/ informant... I wonder if he and Nigel will get alone since since they both seem to be the quite type?

      I remember you have an Enrill named Alex, I see him often in LM discussion thread on DoA. He's quite the hottie. You also have a LM Dmitri... Right? He looks quite mischievous.

    3. Yeah, my Fyrd is quite a handful XD It was funny that although Demetri looks very sweet in the promo pics, I managed to make him look as mischievous as he is. ...I sort of always forget that Fyrd is also a LM doll because he looks so different from the default. I still do love the original look of Demetri though and if I had unlimited space and resources I would get one with the default faceup to be a big version of Hippu!


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