Here Comes The Swirl

3160123 lumimaisemaa 03

I got home yesterday just as the light was wining away, but I still took out my camera and went to take some more test shots with the Helios. And yes, I got the swiiiirrl! ^-^

160123 lumimaisemaa 02

Getting the swirly bokeh needs a particular depth of field and distance to background though. You can see some strange bokeh in this shot above...

3160123 lumimaisemaa 02

But once I got closer to the subject the effect become much more clear. This and the branch above were shot at 1,5-2m distance. The photos have not been cropped btw, only colour/light edited.

3160123 lumimaisemaa 04

If the background is not really swirled, it still looks very busy. The bokeh is definitely not smooth. But thenagain, it was the very point of getting this glass. ;)

160123 lumimaisemaa 01

Well, this one above I did crop. Here the distance to the subject (the tree) is a looong one, 20m or so. Well, the background aka the grey clouds are at 'infinity' so nothing much can be said about bokeh anyway. I just loved the looks of the three.

Today it's snowing again, so I have to do a comparison test between Canon and Helios some other day... :(


  1. Nice photos!! The swirl looks super neat, for a moment there I thought you were zooming in while taking the photo haha :D

    1. Yeah it does give a zoomy effect :3 I can't wait to take doll photos with this one, especially in the spring/fall when the trees have leaves on them.

  2. Tosi nättejä lumikuvia! Tää Helios vaikuttaa mielenkiintoselta, odotan innolla vertailua Canonin kanssa :3

    1. Toivottavasti saan sen pian aikaiseksi ^-^ Sain nyt myös Super-Takumarini kotiin, niin treenailen sen kanssa myös niin vois saada kaikki kolme samaan vertailuun.


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