Getting Steampunkish?

Fondant's default outfit 02

I've now comissioned two outfits from a local seamstress Ayumi. I got a 'full-set' for Rigel, but I haven't yet taken any photos of it. Maybe Rigel just doesn't fit the Yule ambiance like Ford here does. Fondant got a brown shirt and bloomers to match. The waistband-thingy is my own making and the headdress is from a Soom BW outfit.

Fondant's default outfit 01

I want a steampunkish look for Fordy, in all browns and ivories, with added metal accessories. Ayumi quickly got what I was going for and actually suggested the gold striped accent fabric and the gold button details herself. I'm glad she did, as the end result looks very polished! Sadly the waistband hides some of the lovely details of the bloomers, but there are buttons and bows there as well.

Fondant's default outfit 03

The blouse is a bit loose and is a bit chunky at the collar, but I don't think much better could be done in this scale, baring in mind that the collar is fully lined. However, blouses are the one thing I surely won't be doing myself anymore. I have done some in TG size before, but they were a pain in the butt to make, especially the sleeves >_<

And here's some detail of the outfit:

Fondant's default outfit 04

I'm loving the cotton lace and it fits her looks so perfectly. Also I wanted a really layered look for Fondant, like she's frosted in laces, so I think we're getting there :D

I'm still waiting for Ford's shoes that are now shipped from China, and then we'll see if she's about done. :3


  1. How cool that Ford is going to be steampunkish in style! The style looks so becoming on her and the gold accents really make this outfit! :)

    It's fun to see how Ford has made her way to your doll crew. Happy New Year and may 2016 bring awesome things for you! ^-^

    1. Thank you! ^-^
      The browns and golds go well with Ford's quite natural face-up and the white resin tone. So I'm glad that I kept her, since this particular style wouldn't have fit any of the other Teenies I was wishing for.

  2. Oh she looks incredible!! I'm not too fond on steampunk style but I do love brown and ivory together and She rocks it!
    The person that you comissioned made an amazing job! I need to look for someone to comission some tiny clothes as well, but made with fur for Faolan haha I should start looking Dx!

    1. It is amazing to find a good seamstress to commission from, especially if they are somewhere near. Still, I get the advantage that my Teenies all wear pretty much similar clothes so I don't have to find several different seamstresses.

  3. Ooh kiva nähdä kuvia nukesta tässä asussa! ^-^ Nuo lisäämäsi asusteet sopivat kyllä hyvin asuun ♥ Raitakangas oli hyvä löytö. Ompelen siitä paidan joko msd tai yosd koossa omalle nukelle :3

    Liitynpä blogin lukijaksi kunhaan avaan läppärin :3

    1. Kiitos vielä ompelusta! ^-^ Koitan tässä koht'puoliin ottaa kuvia myös Rigelin setistä, niin näet senkin 'lopullisena'.

    2. Oleppa hyvä! Jos viitsit niin olisi kiva saada asukuvat molemmista omaan käyttööni edestä ja takaa. Unohtuu usein kuvata vaatteet itse tai sitten tilaaja unohtaa vaikka lupaa kuvata :,3

    3. Koitanpa ottaa sellaiset sulle :)


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