Enjoy the Snow!

It has snowed a lot in the past few days and since I have some free time today and tomorrow, I'll try to photograph some dolls in the white too! But currently I'm doing some face-up commissions (more precisely I'm waiting for the coat of sealant to dry) and I have time to update the blog a bit.

Winter means another Snow Miku to be released! I've wanted one for a long time but none so far have been exactly what I wanted. Although the last two (the winter kimono and especially the snowbell version of last year) were realle, really close, I managed to pass them up without too much heartbreak. But I just saw the images of this newest Snow Miku on FB (Nendonesia's feed,to be precise) and this on really pulled my heartstrings!

You see, not only is she looking cute and energetic (which is welcome in the winter-time when I'm usually feeling more down than usual due to the darkness), she has a snowboard! I love snowboards. To go snowboarding was an item on my bucket list which I have already checked out. I wasn't any good at it and I was on the slope for only about 2 hours, but it was a blast. I actually happened to go into a sports store with Vanilla the other week (I never shop in sports stores myself) and spotted snowboarding gear, awakening my want to go to the slopes again some time. I've been making fun of my 'almost-pro' boarding experience for a few days now and now Miku is taunting me with her skills too! :D

And if I see correctly, that is actual fabric on her cap? It looks so fluffy ^-^

Go Miku go! All rights belong to GSC

Sooo I just might have to get this one. :P Luckily Miku has the same eye-colour as most of my other Nendos (I seem to have a thing for turquoise eyes...) so I might just cannibalise all the parts to my other Nendos, if I decide that I don't need another one to be displayed on the shelf. Rin in Winter gear! :D And a new hairstyle for BRS. Well, we'll see how the parts fit with my older Nendos...

Nendo's are making a somewhat of a return in my collection, after being forgotten for a while. You see, our local BJD forum made a historical decision to open up an Off Topic section, if only to test it out first. There our hobbyists have been able to share our other plastic interests, like Pullips, Azones and yes, Nendos. I fear it might make me go over to the dark side of Pureneemos eventually, but for now I've been able to say no. But I've wanted to photograph my Nendos again, and then, to get more Nendos XD

Speaking of Dark Side and Nendos, I also noticed this on GSC's page. It's another Stormtrooper Nendo, but this time styled after the new Force Awakens Star Wars movie. I'm not going to get the trooper, but if they make other SW characters into Nendos, I might not be that safe... Kylo Ren with that awesome lightsaber of his (others mock it, but I looove it!), Poe the another-scoundrel-pilot, and maybe even: Han Solo? ~<3 Although I'd prefer if they made the younger Han, not the older Force Awakens one XD The Han from Imperium Strikes Back would be a dream come true!

Also this Sybilla Nendo has caught my attention. I have no idea of her character or the anime she's from, but the character design looks awesome! :3 She might be an altogether new addition to my Nendo crew, or just an alternate look for Nyaruko. I dunno, the grey hair just reminds me of Nyaru-chan, and maybe she'd like to try twintails to make herself look cuter to 'please' their master. :P


  1. She's so pretty!! Go snowboarding is in my bucket list too, my I haven't done it yet haha I love snowboard gear too~ and this figure has the cutest gear!

    1. Give snowboarding a go when you just have the chance, it was really fun! I suppose it might be easier if you have experience with slalom with skis, without it I was falling down a lot ^-^
      And yes, Miku's gear is suuuper cute! ~♡


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