Alert, An Idea Is Forming...

Some of you might know that I'm playing this mobile game Pokemini. It's a cute game where you dress up your avatar and decorate its planet and room. From time to time there are events where you try to dress up for specific themes and might win prizes if you nail it. Now, a certain theme was just released for such an event. A theme that instantly started to tug my mind, because it would also make for a very nice little Teenie... Behold: Droid Cat!

I don't have any robotic dolls as for now and I have no idea how one would fit my makeshift story for my current Teenies. But just like with Rigel and even more so with Meringue, I just now have the concept in my head, just waiting for to be realised in doll form. :D

Picture: a grey doll. (Preferably a very light grey doll. Maybe a light blue would also work, or in Soom's case light violet, since Migmas have apparently aged into greyish tones.) Light coloured eyes, almost lifeless, maybe with 'albino' pupils. (You know, the pupil is there but is the same colour than the iris?) Very grey-toned face-up, with 'seamlines' drawn on the cheeks. A black fur wig, where some of the fur is formed to make ears. (Since I've seen this with an SQlab doll, or some other Dollfie Dreamish doll. Resin ears might also work, but I love the fur ears!) Cat paws and legs, blushed to have black tips like a siamese cat has. (I'd actually prefer getting Hati/Skoll paws than say Appini parts...) A cat tail. And greytone, maybe striped outfit with a silver bell aroubd the neck. Something that looks more futuristic. Or then steampunkish, and maybe then the doll could even be tan.

What the hell happened to me? I wasn't going to get any fantasy dolls! :D Now it was first Meringue, now this... I think it is just all about the concept then. I don't like fantasy dolls as purely fantasy dolls, as woodland creatures or something. (Yes, others excecute them perfectly and I love pictures of them, don't get me wrong. They just haven't been for me, although Lumina is sort of an exception.) But I had an idea of a carousel horse and of course it needed hooves to work. A robot-cat needs paws!

Now if Soom releases a suitable doll for this, I'll be doomed X( Especially if I come up with a name for it as well...

Gaah a tan Hati is already haunting my thoughts! ;__; ...or worse... that light violet Cheshire Junior that I already passed on! >_<

And aargh! Just as I was writing this, I noticed Little Monica's teaser on Instagram >_< It's a tan kitty girl... Is this fate?? The doll is Gloomy Miyo, so a dreaming eye doll which is not usually my favourite. But might well work for my droid kitty...?


And btw, I just won an auction for my furst vintage lense! A Helios 44-2 ^-^ And an adapter is also already paid for! So once they arrive and I get the hang of the manual settings of the lense, I can start posting a review/comparison with my Canon 50mm/1.8 lense :3


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! YES!!! Do it!! Get a robot kitty doll!! 0^0

    I love robot dolls and Teenie animal hybrid robots? Might be the best kind!! I can just picture that doll of yours! I love the idea!

    I know, I wasn't going to get any fantasy resin colors or Tiny dolls either! It just happened and now I love them. It's good to change plans and do something unplanned for! Those decisions usually turn out to be the best ones. :)

    Aww that Miyo is so cute! I remember there was a devil Miyo once? I wanted that doll then. And black LM kitty ears!!! I hope they'll let you order some separately too!

    Some tan Ginger feat. Miyo orders to LM then, hmmmm? ;)))

    1. I'll have to see the rest of Miyo's photos first. LM tinies tend to look chubby for my liking so I might wait for a Teenie release after all. But the general timing was just too funny to not mention it. :D I'm currently most considering a Junior Chesire, Hati or a Rru (although maybe the vampire I was thinking for Rru might still overrule the cat) for this android kitty.

      But yes I've noticed that just going with your gut is most rewarding in this hobby. I was also against SDs, especially males, but I love my first big boy Alex to bits! And I haven't regretted Meringue either.

  2. I've also thought about turning my avatar from Pokemini into a doll... but he'd be a pink-haired tan SD boy who'd laze around in a loose kimono or a smoking jacket and smoke pipe tobacco and sometimes ...weed... in his Japanese-style pipe. XD

    1. XD my own mini switches looks so frequently I couldn't make it a doll. I would go bankrupt in weeks with all those eyes and clothes!
      But a bright-pink haired Teenie sounds fun ~♡

  3. This is the beginning of a new era for you: fantasy dolls :D which I'm all for really, I just love fantasy haha XD
    I love your idea, and oyu have it so clear in your head, you should definitely do it~~!!

    I'm desperately hoping for light violet skin tiny from SOOM >.>...... I just want more fantasy tinies and I want them now XD

    Hope you get your new lens soon :D I want to see *u*

    1. Being a fan of the older sculpts I'd prefer a FCE with light violet option :P I'm after all also missing a lavender Bygg XD

      The lense is bow shipped, yey! And I also won a Super-Takumar so I can review that as well.


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