Aesthetics of January 2016

20160102 Peakswood Kass

So a new doll year started with a bunch of comissions lined up! I actually began working on two of Sugar's heads during the holidays, but didn't officially finish with them until the start of January. So here they are. Up there is her new Peakswood head, that is going to be her tomboy girl. The head is actually meant as a boy sculpt, so Sugar asked for some pinks in there to make her more feminine, although still keeping the look fairly neutral/androgynous.

Peakswood has sharp corners in the inner eyelids, but since this is an SD sized head, I didn't have any trouble keeping the pastels smooth even in the crease. And the mouth was a pleasure to paint! ^-^

20160102 Dollshe Van

Then I painted her Dollshe Van, which is a very peculiar looking sculpt for a peculiar character. ;) I was asked to do dark shadows under the eyes and thin mustaches.

160117 Luts Basil

Then I got three heads from Tattic and was asked to do very differig face-ups on them. :3 Above is a fire-type character with plenty of colour. I was asked to make him look cunning and smirking and I just kept thinking of a fox all the while I was doing the blushing. :D

160117 Luts Bory

Then a Luts Bory! I must have mentioned that I simply adore this sculpt. But since he is an MSD scaled doll, I can never get him myself :( So it was a thrill to paint one! And my gosh this head is amazing to pant! All the smoothness...

160117 Soom Skoll

And finally, another Teenie Gem :3 A CW Skoll like my own Rigel. The colour-scheme was a very different one from my own demon, but you can see the same kind of spunk, can't you?

I have a few more heads lined up for February, so I'll be posting about them at the end of next month. Stay tuned!


  1. So many face ups!!! and they keep getting better and better! I envy your lashes and eyebrows XD! The PW girl is stunning, I want to paint those lips as well, they look so nice ~ Is that weird wanting to paint some lips? XD

    1. It is not weird, at least not to me! :D I looove painting, or blushing, doll lips. It has been a bit of a bummer to me that I usually do them in just a few layers so the fun is over quickly. Lately though I've started using a few different shades (a warmer and then a colder tone) for the lips, even if they are light-coloured. Makes them look a bit more interesting (I hope, at least!) and makes it a bit more interesting for me to do. Of course it needs a bit of 'canvas' to make this possible, so maybe that's why I'm so fond of bee-stung Soom sculpts? ;)

    2. Lovely face up, you're very talented! I really like the way you do the eyebrows. <3 My favorite of this batch is hands down Luts Bory (I have a weak spot for him).

    3. We seem to have a lot in common as it comes to doll tastes XD Bory is just sooo adorable, and I love how some have made their Borys to look like Ciel Phantomhive.

    4. Omg! That's the main reason I really like Luts Bory, I've always thought he looked like Ciel Phantomhive! He would definitely make a wonderful Ciel~


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