Xmas Meetup in Helsinki

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I haven't left my hometown for a dollmeet in the last year or so but I wanted to go the bigger Xmas meetup that our national forum held in Helsinki although none of my friends were able to go. It was definitely bigger than our little Xmas meetup we had a few weeks back! XD There were some twenty people there and plenty of dolls of all different sizes.

As usual though, I got to talk about pretty much everything else besides dolls :P I found someone else who was as enthusiastic about Disney films as I was, except for Frozen, just like me. Otherwise the talk somehow always turned to babies and sterilization and cloning and I swear that I didn't even initiate any of these! It was very interesting as a bioethicist to see how the conversation turned toward the very subjects I've done my small research on.

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Anyway, dolls were present as well. I sat Eiko near this lovely big doll that I first thought was a SD-01. Then when I saw the face closer, I thought it was a Peakswood doll. It happens, it was from Sadol after all! :D I'll never be able to recognize all dolls...

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Although this one was much easier to name :3 It is again Unisieppari's Yrie that I'm still head over heels for!

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Unisieppari's Carbon and Lusis also matched the pastel theme.

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And this one I recongnised as a Bluefairy May Valentine. She belongs to Illves who has done amazing custom work on her. The horn is probably one from Bygg/Beyla release and she had Shale/Adamelli hooves modded to fit her legs. Tell me where the wings are from though! They look amazing :)


  1. pretty photos!!! I spied some of your dolls at another blog about the meet up XD

    You don't like Frozen? I think it has a few problems but it's not bad at all imo. It has so many resemblances to wicked I could not hate it XD but my forever favorite is Beauty and the beast :D

    1. Ooh, I must go and search for other posts about the meet-up ^-^

      Frozen isn't bad, but it certainly isn't the best of Disney films. Btw, Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favourite as well! Frozen however, is just trying to do Tangledx2, with two princesses, two princes, two humorous sidekicks, two villains when the movie could have been much better if it were drastically stripped down. I saw a YouTube video once which pretty much summed up all the things I thought was wrong with frozen, but I can't seem to find it now. :( But in essence the movie hype is so focused on Elsa that it is such a bummer the actual movie doesn't much revolve around her other than her 'Let it go' song. If the movie would really have focused on Elsa's struggle with solitude, her fears of her powers and how she overcomes them and saves Arendell, it would have made a much better movie than Anna's wishywashy longing for love. Especially since the ending isn't properly built up. Throughout the movie it is just stated that the sisters love each other, but it isn't really shown in their actions until in the very end. Just think about it, Elsa keeps away from Anna, forbids her to marry, then just plain leaves her behind and generally seems to be quite happy on her own and has no further regard towards her sister until Anna is frozen solid. It's just another plot twist in a series of plot twists. On the whole, the makers seemed more interested in doing twists and turns with the plot than actually explaining them...

      Frozen was entertaining and the songs catchy, but most of the characters have no true depth and just seem to fall short on their potential. So my dislike of Frozen is actually more frustration on how much better it could have been! :)

    2. Ohh I agre I think you touched pretty much all the weak points there. One thing I discussed with my friend right after leaving the cinema was that all of the songs are compressed into one part of the movie and then nothing, pure dialogues, when they should have arranged them more consistently through the movie. But the songs are catchy (though Wicked songs are better, Defying Grevity is basically the same message as let it go and it's a really really good song :D).

      Though I very much like that Elsa doesn't get a love interest, since her happy ending is overcoming her struggles. Falling in love is amazing but it's not the only thing that should make the main characters happy, or move the plot, so I was glad for that. But I agree it was weak in so many levels. I still enjoyed it.

      I'm so happy to found another fan of Beauty and the Beast :D The little mermaid seems to be winning in my circle of friends lol


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