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After a year of maternity/parental leave I came back to work thus week. This means that now Valentine is responsible of Lil'Loki's daily chores, freeing up my time to do my own things. Which is why I had the opportunity to do the blog move in the first place.

Previously I had no personal items at my workspace, but now I took a photo of Loki and my Nendo Komari with me. She's such a cutie! I still need to pack up her other parts into a smaller container and bring those along as well so I can switch her up once in a while. I'm also thinking of bringing my Haruhi figure to work, but thay might be too much... Also that thing is too big to store away into my desk drawer away from the cleaners (or corporate visitors who might not get it).

My return to work has not gone without some hiccups though... Just this morning I was late because I overslept >_< I swear I did not hear any alarm although my phone had a notification of alarming 3 times. Valentine had not heard anything either... I just can't rely on mobile alarm clocks. :( Luckily I can start using Valentine's real alarm clock.

Funny thing is, I was having a dream where I realised that I was late from school :D Although in my dream my phone had really acted up and had switched the time full 12 hours. So when it should have been 7:00, my phone showed 19:00 and that's why the alarm hadn't gone off... And I was panicking, because I couldn't find the things I needed for school from anywhere. And in the end I was sobbing because nothing was getting done. Then I woke up, checked my phone and yes, late I was! :D

Work itself is quite OK, It's nice to have some more adult company for a change and more freedom to go as I please. Although it's only for two months, since after that Loki's going to kintergarden as both Valentine and I will be working. Let's see how our energy will hold up...


  1. Oh welcome back to work :D!!! Your nendo is super cute, I'm glad you can bring that to your office to make you smile ~
    Love the new blog design, I can't make mine to look neat as much as I try all the default themes suck XD I like that now your blog loads so fast for me, the other was a bit slow for my shty internet haha this one fliesss~ I already changed the link in fantasywoods :)

    1. Yeah actually it loaded really slow for me too and we have a very fast internet here... I'm glad Blogger is working faster ^-^


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