We Have Moved!

Welcome to Featherminty-blog!

For a while now I've wondered if it might be better to move my blog off my own domain. For one, it was a pain trying to say to someone the address :D Not that there were many that even asked it, but it still bugged me. I just picked the name from Fyrd and since fyrd.net was taken, I added the '8th', since that is kinda his title, but then it was really hard to pronounce fluently.

Secondly, I thought that the title didn't even really tell anything about the blog's content. Neither does "Featherminty", really, but it does feel more descriptive. Maybe you'll get the feel that you will encounter something on the pastely side mixed with dream things? I don't know, I tried to find a good name that wasn't too long and wasn't taken already, so I got this.

Even more, letting go of my own domain frees up assets and I can afford to buy the Photoshop subscription I've wanted. So I can use Valentine's laptop for photo editing and I can ditch our old PC that simply refuses to turn on anymore.

There is still a lot to be fixed in this blog and I try to get to it... when I get to it. :D I want to customise the look more, but I'll need hours with PS before I get the look I want, so don't expect any updates anytime soon. I also have to figure out how to paste images from Insta. If anyone has a pointer, let me know! In my old blog I just needed to paste the url and it would convert it into an image when the blog loaded, but here it just shows the text...

Luckily I found a nice and easy WP to Blogger converter so I got all my posts, pages and even comments (was super happy about this!) to move with me. It also moved a lot of stuff I don't really need here, so I might clean up a little a bit later. Now it feels like I've got a new apartment, but I'm still living with cardboard boxes stacked against the walls.


  1. Ooh, welcome to Blogger, the transition seems to have gone smoothly! :) Looking forward to seeing more posts from you here!

    1. Yeah I'm getting the hang of this ^-^ And although I can't post photos from insta by my phone, I should have the time to still post a bit more frequently.


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