Yule Feels

Xmas party at Turku 03

We had a very small Xmas themed meetup in our city the other weekend. Only Deary, Sugar and I attended, but we had fun just the three of us, eating chocolates until we felt sick. :P The decorations weren't quite as elaborate as in Halloween, but Deary and I had brought different Xmas lights that were scattered all over our dolls.

Xmas party at Turku 02

Turpentine looks so peaceful, bathing in the light ^-^

Xmas party at Turku 01 

I had Yuffie with me as well. In the background, Deary's Geoffrey is disaproving of the teenager. XD

Xmas party at Turku 04 

Hani and Ford played nicely together. Maybe they'll form a very good friendship, I don't know yet. Actually by the end of the meetup I had switched their eyes. Now Hani has the brown acrylics since she's going to get DB Silver Fox eyes when I get a chance to order them and Ford has the blue Vings eyes. I'm thinking that maybe Ford might end up with light lavender eyes that I might order from Mako. The Vings look nice in her though, but I think that they might be even better suited for a tan Teenie that I hope to get one day!

Xmas party at Turku 05

Sugar's Minttu and her profile.

Xmas party at Turku 08

I actually think that Deary took this photo.

Xmas party at Turku 06

Sugar's Sepe looking as mischievous as ever.

Xmas party at Turku 07

And finally Deary's Bleu. I just love how this photo turned out! White/silvery surroundings suit him so well :3 He just looks so calm.


  1. Pretty photos!! love the lights at the background, it gives such a warm christmas feel ~ and the crystals give the winter effect :D

    1. Yes I love these backlit type photos ^-^ I took more at home (prior to these in fact) of Other-Nuu, and I'll do a post about them within few days. There's one photo I'm really proud of!

  2. Lovely pics and seemed like you had a fun meet! Too bad I couldn't come this time since I had an exam I had to attend in Helsinki that day. :1
    That' a really good pic of Bleu~! <3

    1. Yeah the attendace was a bit poor compared to the last few meets, but I think that the meet came up a little quickly after the Halliween meet. We still had fun ^-^ It was like meeting with friend, but with more space and effort to decorations.


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