Visual Upgrading

As you might notice, I took the time to make a new header for the new blog. I also upgraded my favicon and did some minor tweaks with the template's colours and fonts. If you have any criticism, please tell in the comments (like if you get a headache from the font or so forth)! I just wanted to try something different to my old trusted Georgia font, although this one looks a bit small...

I've also made a new link-back-image:

There's a new link-back code to be copied from my sidebar, or you can just alter your own codes :)

Now the only thing that really bugs me is that light blue gradient behind my banner image... I have no idea where it comes from and if I can alter it :( If I could even just remove it, I'd be thrilled! It just clashes with the rest of the colours imo. Not too much that it'll make me rage-quit, but still, it'd be nice to know if I can somehow make it disappear.


  1. It looks very pretty!!!
    I'm not familiar with how blogspot layouts work, but the blue gradient is probably something you can edit in the CSS.

    I updated you banner in my blog~

    1. Thank you ^-^
      Yeah it is ccs related, but in blogspot I don't have full access to it like I did in Wordpress. I guess it's win some, lose some...

  2. I really like the blue gradient, intentional or not! :D Blog is starting to look awesome, I think the font is also rather easy on the eyes.

    1. Yeah the blue isn't bad, just not exactly what I wanted... :P


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