Trunk Is My Throne

Trunk is my throne 04

Merry and/or peaceful Yule to you all! ~♥ You could say that there are plenty of presents that I got this year in these photos. In a way Fondant herself might have been a present for myself :P But I also bought this small trunk formyself, or for my dolls to be exact. It contained chocolate coins, and I emphasise that it did, but they were eaten up quite quickly. Choclate does not have a long lifespan in this household (or around me) during this holiday season. Or ever.

Trunk is my throne 02

The trunk tempted me for quite a while until I gave into it. It was quite pricey for the quality (of both trunk and chocolates) but in the end I thjough 'what the hell' and just bought it. I first intended for it to be a travel trunk for Nigel, but Fordy got to it first.

Trunk is my throne 03

The final present in the photos is the lighting. I finally got some lampstands that I can use for doll photography. I still need to buy some daylight lamps, but I apparently have to order some online, since I couldn't find any in local stores. All the lamps in our stores are warm white (2700K), which result in yellowish photos. I can save them a bit in Photoshop especially if I want this sort of mood in the photos, but truly white lamps are next on my wishlist.

Trunk is my throne 01

Well, let's leave Ford to rule over Yule kingdom for now. Next up is the new years and I haven't even started on my yearly memes...

Edit. Yeah so Blogger butchers photos that are uploaded to it directly, if they need to be scaled down... Sad that I can't use blog photos, but I switched the first photo to a Flickr one.


  1. She's so pretty, I love her hair!!

    Chocolate doesn't last long around me either, though i'm very picky when it comes to the quality of it too~ The chest looks super nice, I think it was a good purchase :)

    How has your holidays been ? Hope you have a lot of fun for new year's eve

  2. Thanks, I'm glad I finally got an owner for this wig ^-^
    My holiday has been kinda hectic as we go visit relatives for all three days. And with Lil'Loki there're even more variables to take into consideration. Today has been the first day of true relaxation and then it's off to work again tomorrow. But luckily it isn't a full week as New Year's gives a day off on Friday again.

  3. I was eyeing that trunk in the stores too! It's very cool and a nice prop for dolls. I can't help but think of pirate themed pics with the trunk as a treasure chest! :)

    I bought some cool white lamps from Kodin Anttila, btw. But I think they've sold out everything before Christmas... When you find good daylight lamps let me know! I'm always on the lookout for good lamps to use in indoors photography.

    1. Oooh yesss! A pirate-Fyrd shoot! :D Now I just need some more props and clothes...

      I'll need to check on Anttila after the holidays. And if there's none, then I'll just order online. Either way, I'll post a review of my setup once it's done :3


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