Luminous with Lumina

Yule Lumina 1

I told you about the photos I took of Other-Nuu, and here they are. :) I've started to call her Lumina and the name has kinda stuck for now.

I just looove the photo above! The light came out perfect in this one, and because of the alpaca fiber the hair looks like it's floating. Lumina looks so tranquil. Although this eye shape is usually called 'dreaming', I don't see Lumina to be asleep. Neither is she 'romantic', which is what Soom calls eyes that aren't fully opened. She just looks relaxed or concentrating to me.

Yule Lumina 2

Or maybe her eyelids are just too heavy, so she just doesn't have the energy to open them fully. ;) Also, Lumina being the know-it-all that she is, there isn't anything that would excite or surprise her enough for her to look at it properly. ...Now that I think about it, she can also look a bit condescending with her almost closed eyes.

I'm not a real fan of dreaming eyes, as in I usually fall for the googly-eyed dolls, but I have always admired how expressive they can be with a little imagination and change of angle. But me being the fan of beautiful urethanes that I am, the bigger the eyes the better, to show off the eyes! Lumina has the squintiests eyes out of my bunch, and her irises can't really be seen at all. Althought that's partly because of her heavy lashes... She actually has Soom silicones squished into her eyewells, and I would never get ger anything else, because it would just be a waste of money. :(

Yule Lumina 3

And the hooves ^-^ Lumina is an exception to my general rule of dolls both for her eyes and her fantasy parts. I still want to make her a nice set of horns, since I didn't really like the chibi look of the Ai defaults.

Meringue is another exception to the rule, now that I think about it. She's also wearing her fantasy parts and has the Romantic head. And although judging by the rest of my Byggs and Beylas the Open Eyed head is my favourite, I really prefer the Romantic in Meringue's case. It makes her look a little different from the others. But where Meringue looks disdained, Lumina looks more aloof.


  1. She's so pretty!!! I'm not a fan of romantic heads because getting them eyes can be a pain, but she's my favorite half closed eyes sculpt from soom and from anything really. And those hooves are the prettiest too imo.

    Lovely shots!

    1. Lumina in definitely a pretty one ^-^ I think that's why I haven't had the heart to let go of her, although she's mostly spent her time in the box. The face-up and especially the blushing Korone made is just too stunning! And with this wig Lumina is really now looking like 'herself'. Now when I get those extra bodies, I just need to make sure I have enough clothes for everyone in their own colours. I know Lumina in here is using Nuu's favourite shirt, so I have to find her a proper substitute... Can't have poorly dressed Teenies in this house ;)


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